Bob Major

Geothermal Heating and Cooling: USGBC Green Schools Summit

We enjoy helping our community, especially when it comes to supporting our schools.  As we specialize in geothermal heating and cooling systems, we are proud to once again sponsor the Green Schools Summit. The Green Schools Summit takes place on Friday, November 14th at the University of Denver. The summit will draw more than 300 attendees focused on designing, building and maintaining 21st Century Schools. When it comes to geothermal heating and cooling, it is hard to find more efficient... Read More

Denver HVAC Comfort Assurance Program

At Major, we have always prided ourselves on doing things right when it comes to servicing your Denver heating and air conditioning needs (and geothermal heating and cooling). We do not believe in short cuts when it comes heating and cooling repair. The same is true when it comes to maintaining your heating and cooling systems. That is why we created the Home Comfort Assurance Program for our residential customers and the Facility Comfort Assurance Program for our commercial customers.... Read More

6 Tips for Better Time Management

6 Time Management Tips

It is a simple truth – we are busier than ever. It is even true here in Denver, despite our “laid back” attitude. Let’s face it, you have work, kids sports games, school commitments and more. Plus, there is always things that need to get done around house (have you checked your Denver HVAC system lately?). Plus, as we are moving into the Holiday season, so just saying “busy” is an understatement. There is shopping, parties, additional school activities, decorating... Read More

Your Denver HVAC Systems and Google?

Home Automation common for Denver HVAC

Seems like Google wants to be everywhere. They are on your phone, your desktop and now your wall here in Denver controlling your heating and air conditioning. In January it was announced that Google was buying Nest Labs Inc. for $3.2 billion.  It created a lot of buzz at the time, but there was still question about what exactly is Nest and other similar technologies. Nest, and others like them, are part of a growing trend of Home Automation solution.... Read More