Your Denver HVAC Systems and Google?

Seems like Google wants to be everywhere. They are on your phone, your desktop and now your wall here in Denver controlling your heating and air conditioning.

In January it was announced that Google was buying Nest Labs Inc. for $3.2 billion.  It created a lot of buzz at the time, but there was still question about what exactly is Nest and other similar technologies.

Nest, and others like them, are part of a growing trend of Home Automation solution. Home Automation allows residents to control basic home functions and features automatically, and sometimes remotely via your computer or smartphone. It part of a trend call the “Internet of Things” which is connecting and interconnecting everyday devices and making them more useful.

For residential comfort, a home automation system can be very helpful. For example, if it is one of those typical Denver fall days you probably left home with the heater on as it was in the mid 30’s. But, during the day, it warms up to the low 80’s. Obviously, you do not want to go home to a home that is now uncomfortably warm inside as no one was home to turn on the air conditioning.  If you had a home automation system, you could use your smart phone to see what the inside temperature of your home was and then turn on the A/C remotely so you could arrive home with your house feeling just right. This sort of technology seems ideal for Denver HVAC needs given the wild roller coaster weather we experience, even on an hour-by-hour basis. We guess that is just what make Colorado, well, Colorado.

But, today’s home automation does not just end with your heating and cooling systems. It includes lights, security system, music systems and more. In fact, who has not driven away on a long trip wondering if they remembered to close the garage door? Some home automation systems allow you to check your garage door and even close it!

How to Use This Information

Clearly, when it comes to home automation these days, there little in your home that is not somehow connected to the internet and designed to make your life easier. It is a growing trend and will become more commonplace in the years to come. We already see it in Colorado heating and cooling systems. So, if you have any questions about how we can make you heating and cooling automated (and literally accessible to you if you are half way around the world), please call us at 303-424-1622.