EnviroPlate: Unleash the Energy in Water

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Got a Lake? Put an EnviroPlate™ in it! Got a Pond? Put an EnviroPlate in it! Is your development near a lagoon? Put an EnviroPlate in it! Want to eliminate the cooling tower from the equation and/or that old pesky boiler system, get an EnviroPlate! There is no better, more efficient and cost-effective way to save money and increase control of the comfort of your building than to harness the free renewable energy of that nearby water source. By combining the power of a geothermal heat pumps and leveraging our EnviroPlate lake plate heat exchangers to unlock the abundant free energy in your nearby water resource, we can provide superior comfort and drastically reduce energy costs for your home, commercial building or campus of facilities.

Major’s patented EnviroPlate technology is a product of 42 years as a leader in the HVAC industry combined with our world-class expertise in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. Our EnviroPlate lake plate heat exchangers eliminate issues that our competitors can’t seem to overcome, and all at a price similar to these inferior products. We personally work with our clients to design your system, and to ensure that you are getting lake plates that will withstand the environment where they will be placed such as mineral hot springs, salt water, fresh water, and even waste water! Additionally, we will fabricate and palletize your EnviroPlates to meet your site specific needs; they come shipped “Plug and Play” ready to be dropped right in the water!

Advantages of the EnviroPlate

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  • Optimized dimple and baffle arrangement due to the flexibility of CNC laser welding
  • CNC laser welding provides constant uniformity during manufacturing, ensuring consistent performance, volume and pressure drop
  • Higher pillow height offers increased additional surface area and greater overall plate rigidity
  • Laser-welded plates are inflated to within 11/16″ of the edge of the plate, increasing the internal wetted area of the plates and external heat transfer area
  • The external heat transfer area is about 130 ft² due to the higher pillow height for a 4′ x 15′ plate (120 ft² nominal) with fluid capacity of 10+ gallons
  • Available in 304 stainless steel, marine-tolerant ALXGN stainless steel or titanium for aggressive conditions
  • Major offers its design and procurement expertise to all of its EnviroPlate™ customers, ensuring that your system will meet or exceed expectations for the projects. ’
  • For more detailed information regarding the EnviroPlate™, click here

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Major’s EnviroPlate Services

EnviroPlate Picture 1_Aspen InstituteProject Feasibility Assessments

Large geothermal heating and cooling projects can vary in scope quite dramatically depending on location, types of buildings and comfort requirements. These types of projects often require some minimal amount of engineering input and expertise just to establish its feasibility. At Major we have that expertise and can provide you with the help you need to fully explore what options are available to harness this abundant renewable energy resource via our EnviroPlate technology. Leveraging more than 42 years as an elite commercial HVAC company, Major has the knowledge to evaluate all aspects the project and remove any uncertainty from the final feasibility assessment.

Cost Estimates

Major is a full-service commercial HVAC company and will handle the process from design through construction. Once your project is fully evaluated to maximize the potential of the EnviroPlate system, we will provide a detailed cost estimate for the full installation of your geothermal heating and cooling system driven by the EnviroPlate™ lake plate heat exchangers.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

No matter the project, retrofit or new construction, we have a team that can handle it all. With more than 42 years of experience, the Major team can handle everything for your HVAC needs from engineering and procurement to construction of your Enviroplate™ Geothermal Heating and Cooling System. If you already have personnel you like working with, such as a mechanical engineer, we will closely involve and collaborate with them to ensure the EnviroPlate systems is correctly installed on time!

Technical Support

The Major technical support staff has more than 120 years of combined experience when it comes to heating and air conditioning, as well as geothermal systems. With a wide range of capabilities and know- how, we are ready to help support you with the specifics of your system.

Innovative Financing Solutions

We understand that financing can be problematic. That is why we offer different financing options in order to help make your EnviroPlate project a reality, subject to approved credit. . Once we complete the feasibility and cost estimates, we can work with you to find the best financing options as well as answer your questions regarding their terms and conditions. Some financing options are dependent on your geographic location and the scope of your project. We are confident we will find a solution that will work for you and help bring you positive cash flow from your heat recovery project.

Interested in being a Dealer?

If you are already an established geothermal heating and cooling contractor, and/or a qualified HVAC contractor interested in incorporating an EnviroPlate™ into your projects, Major will work with you to get all the information you need and aid in sizing the system appropriately. Further, if you would like to consider being established as an EnviroPlate dealer for your geographical territory, Major would be happy to discuss options with you at your convenience.

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At Major we are proud of our status as one of the most respected geothermal heating and cooling professional firms in the United States. Major has been involved in procuring EnviroPlate systems successfully all over the United States, Europe and Asia, and these systems are still operating in the market as we speak and our clients rave about their low cost, efficiency and limited to no maintenance requirements!

Taking the first step is easy. To begin, our Geothermal Specialists will take the time to discuss the EnviroPlate technology with you and how it can be incorporated into your mechanical design for a new building or your existing facility. Trusted by the likes of IKEA and hundreds of commercial facilities throughout the nation, our Geothermal Specialists have a reputation as the go-to experts. If you would like to learn how an EviroPlate™ can benefit your commercial HVAC project, schedule an evaluation today or call 303-424-1622 to speak to one of our Geothermal Specialists.

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