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“Grandpa Jack strove to provide a service that would keep customers satisfied for the lifespan of their system. Well, four generations and forty-some years later, the dreams for his company are still being fulfilled.  Need proof? Major Heating’s very first customer, the Fairmount Mortuary, is still on the client list. For that first experience, the mortuary was in need of a complete boiler replacement, and they chose to call Grandpa Jack.” Reeves Journal

As Denver HVAC specialists and geothermal system experts, we believe in doing things right! At Major, we strive to improve your quality of life and provide you with exceptional service. We care dearly about the communities we serve and the people and families that reside in them. We believe in building relationships with our customers, upholding the highest level of integrity and providing a level of communication that you deserve. As a team we are innovators, we are leaders, and we continuously learn and adapt so that we can provide you exceptional solutions that not only make a difference, but improve your quality of life.

Since 1970, Major has been providing “best in class” heating and air conditioning services that truly improves the quality of life of our customers. Since then we continued to innovate and today we are also the Rocky Mountain Region’s most respected geothermal heating and cooling company.

We make it our core principal to ensure we always provide you with exceptional service, honest communication, and affordable solutions that are tailored to your needs. By always honoring these principals we have become one of Colorado’s most respected and trusted heating and cooling companies. Our professionals at Major make up one of the most talented and professionally diverse teams of HVAC and geothermal system professionals in the United States!


Major Heating and Air Conditioning was founded in 1970 by Jack E. Major Sr. and his son Jack Major Jr. as they initially focused their business model on servicing single pipe steam boilers. As ambitious entrepreneurs, they quickly expanded their services into the broader Denver HVAC market, and set out with a mission to provide genuine care for their customers, quality HVAC service, and most importantly to build lifelong relationships. Need proof, they are still the primary HVAC service provider for one of their first customers, Fairmount Mortuary in Denver, CO!

The Founder’s core values quickly established Major as a business known and respected for having exceptional ethics that mirrored those of its customers. These core values are what led to the development of the Major Service System™; an exclusive 360° degree service model that ensures that our team customizes options that best meet your lifestyle and expectations. Today, Jack Major Jr. still resides as the acting President in partnership with his wife Mariann and two sons Bob and Jack C. Together as a family with their valued team of professionals Major continues to grow its market shares while never sacrificing the principals that got them here!



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