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DSCN0082Did you know that Major has designed geothermal heat exchangers (often referred to as loop fields) that are successfully operating in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and all over North America? Our subsidiary company, Major Geothermal, is the most respected geothermal design firms in the World! With over 25,000 tons of operating geothermal heat exchange capacity in the market, we have gained a reputation of a “must have” on any design team considering geothermal for their facility!

The geothermal heat exchanger is by far the most important component of a geothermal system, in simple terms, it is the fuel source for your system that delivers free, renewable energy 24/7/365! Unlike conventional systems however, the geothermal heat exchanger needs to be designed in a manner that insures that it can deliver the necessary amount of energy for every hour of the day in the year based off your buildings anticipated heating and cooling loads. Therefore, it is imperative that your heat exchanger is designed by someone with our experience to insure the capacity is obtained and that the most effective means of thermal harvesting is utilized!

We specialize in the design and procurement of many configurations of heat exchangers including, but not limited to;

At Major we are recognized for being one of the most innovative geothermal design experts in the World! If there is free thermal energy to be harvested, we will find it, and design a system that is both efficient and cost effective! So what are you waiting for, call us today to speak to one of our World Class Geothermal Design Experts!

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