6 Tips for Better Time Management

It is a simple truth – we are busier than ever. It is even true here in Denver, despite our “laid back” attitude. Let’s face it, you have work, kids sports games, school commitments and more. Plus, there is always things that need to get done around house (have you checked your Denver HVAC system lately?).

Plus, as we are moving into the Holiday season, so just saying “busy” is an understatement. There is shopping, parties, additional school activities, decorating and more that all start to creep into our precious time.

So, to help you, we have put together 6 tips to help with time manage and hopefully make you feel a little better prepared for being “busy”.

1. Make a Time Diary – Take your week and plot out what you do every day. Be honest and include everything; including time spent watching TV or movies, gym, and more. You could be amazed at the little unstructured time you allow yourself, but you need that information to begin making decision about how to use your time more effectively.

 2. Learn to Say No – When someone asks you to do something you really do not have time for, politely and firmly say no. And, do not allow yourself to feel guilty. Part of turning down things helps keep you focused on your key goals and prioritize what is important.

 3. Time-Based To-Do List – We all make to-do lists. But this list should include how much time you will spend on any given item. When you add time allocations to your to-do list tasks, it will help prioritize them for you.

4. Computer Help – Try different scheduling software that allows you keep a calendar, “to-do’s”, address, phone numbers and more. This can help reduce paper and clutter. The more clutter you have with slips of paper with phone numbers and items on them, the more time you waste trying to organized.

5. Multitask – There are many activities you can find that can be done efficiently and safely. These include things like paying bill while watching TV or listening to audio books or work related podcasts while commuting.

 6. Stop Being a Perfectionist – Perfectionism is about paying excessive attention to details, important or not. When you labor too much details, it can lead to procrastination. If you have unattainable expectations, you are adding stress.

 How to Use This Information

Your household or commercial environment can also be a place of stress with distractions that eat away your time. With Major, we want to help improve the quality of your life. We can do that by helping ensure your home or workplace is comfortable. Plus, we offer our Home Comfort Assurance Programs that give you peace-of-mind that your system will stay up and running. Call us at 303-424-1622.