Furnace Repair Denver

Major is a fully licensed and insured residential Denver furnace repair and Denver furnace service company. Over the past 42 years we have built a superior reputation for all of our HVAC services, including furnace repairs.

Our team of Home Comfort Specialists is one of the most diverse group of HVAC professionals in Colorado providing “best in class” furnace repair services for any type of furnace system! Whether your furnace is old, new, ancient, or even some foreign brand that made its way across the seas to America, our team will be able to diagnose the problem, fix it properly, and ensure we will have it up and running during our first visit. Even if you heat your home with a wood- burning stove, if asked, we will show up with a cord of wood and a box of matches for your winter season, we care that much about our loyal customers!

Let’s face it, you have better things to do with your time than to deal with your furnace, and by the principals of Murphy’s Law, furnaces breakdown at the worst time, i.e. when it is sub zero, dumping snow, and the in-laws are in town for the holiday season. No worries though, our Home Comfort Specialists are available 24/7/365 to provide furnace repairs, even on Christmas Eve, although they may show up in an ugly sweater! Over the past 42 years we have earned our reputation as the best Denver furnace repair company in the city, and our Home Comfort Specialists take pride in maintaining a reputation for excellence and extraordinary customer service!

All of our NATE-certified Home Comfort Specialists are highly trained and enjoy their profession. They arrive ready to answer questions and prepared to solve any repair problems you may have.


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Denver Furnace Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Want peace of mind? Did you really like your Home Comfort Specialists and want to be sure they visit again? Well, sign up to have them out annually to ensure your home remains comfortable 24/7/365!

A small investment in our Home Comfort Assurance Program™ can save you money in the long run. Plus it provides you and your family peace of mind that your furnace will be able to handle whatever elements a crazy Colorado weather throws at it!

During our visits, our Home Comfort Specialists will thoroughly inspect every component of your furnace system and provide tips on how to operate it to maximize comfort in your home. This allows us to find those minor problems before they become costly repairs or even safety issues!


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Discount Annual Programs

Our Home Comfort Assurance Program™ the perfect way to keep your systems running efficiently and to address potential minor issues before they become a big problem. This program provides homeowners and families with:

  • A substantial program discount
  • Complete system checks to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Proactive maintenance reminders – you don’t need to do a thing
  • Home comfort enhancement information – instant hot water, home automation, etc.
  • Discounts on any additional services

Furnace or Boiler – Annual

  • Complete furnace or boiler tune-up
  • Inspect belts and circuits
  • Test for leaks
  • Check your thermostat
  • Lubricate any moving parts

Air Conditioner – Annual

  • Complete air conditioner tune-up
  • Check compressor and lines
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate any moving parts
  • Check your thermostat

Furnace or Boiler & Air Conditioner – Annual

  • Everything above
  • Additional discount – 10% off labor for any additional calls

So what are you waiting for? Our Denver furnace service is “best in class” and the best way to ensure peace of mind and sustainable comfort for your family!

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