Forensic Evaluations

Geothermal Forensic Experts

Geothermal can be one of the greatest investments you will ever make; however without an experienced team to design and procure your system, you leave the success of your system operating properly (or at all) entirely up to chance! It is an unfortunate reality in our industry that consumers are not provided enough information on what they should look for from their geothermal team, leaving the success of their project up for grabs! This unfortunate situation, many times leaves the customer with a geothermal system that does not operate properly, and can be very costly to fix on the back end. If you are one of these unfortunate customers, we recommend you consult with one of our expert Geothermal Forensic Specialists immediately!

Major’s Geothermal Forensic Specialists combine over 100 years of extensive geothermal experience as it pertains to the design, operation, manufacture, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial, and industrial geothermal systems. Our Geothermal Forensic Specialists have traveled all over the World helping our clients properly re-mediate some very serious failures in large, complex geothermal systems. Many times the issues can be fairly minor, or in other cases very serious, which usually can be tied back to major design failures that will likely need to be dealt with in a legal setting.  We assure you, that Major’s forensic evaluations and expert testimony (if needed) will be a valuable asset to your team if and when your case goes to ligation.

Investigations often involve:

  • Geothermal system operational issues due to improper design and/or construction
  • Construction disputes
  • Heat exchanger (“loop field”) capacity analysis
  • Equipment failure analysis
  • Energy cost damages due to improperly designed and/or installed systems
  • Controls & building automation system operational issues
  • Controls strategy investigation

We always provide our clients with an unbiased, ethical and detailed solution to every one of our forensics cases. Our professional opinions are based on facts and backed by extensive education and experience taken from decades of leadership in the geothermal industry. If you are interested or in need of our Geothermal Forensic Services, please contact one of our Geothermal Forensic Specialists today!

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