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geothermal controls - Major Denver HVACWe will let you in on a very important secret when it comes to some of the best geothermal systems out there, and any geothermal system you will find in our portfolio…they all have very well thought out geothermal controls systems. The beauty of a geothermal system, unlike a conventional HVAC system, is that they require less control points, which leads to less complexity in controls strategies. With new control technologies, building automation, and our unique designs, we are able to harvest “free” energy not just from the earth but also from the building itself!

Any experienced, “grey haired” geothermal professional will tell you that behind any great geothermal system there is an exceptional geothermal controls professional that designed its sequence of operations. Controls are the brain of any HVAC system and with geothermal, controls can be leveraged to achieve even more energy savings, achieve further comfort, and increase the systems life-cycle. This is why Major has invested 100% in developing one of the best Geothermal Controls Teams in the United States. We utilize our expert Controls Specialists to provide our clients with a 360 degree design that includes pre-packaged controls systems and sequencing to insure your system will maximize on its potential.

Major Heating and Air Conditioning is an independent controls service provider with an expansive range of services including: design, installation service, and forensics of controls & building automation systems. Our dynamic team of Geothermal Controls Specialists take great care in evaluating and implementing systems that will reduce energy use and increase geothermal controls - Major Denver HVACefficiency, while maintaining the objectives of your facility. Need proof, Major Heating and Air Conditioning is the trusted partner for all of IKEA-CO and their controls needs, including many other trusted clients in the United States.

At Major we believe in doing things right and building long term relationships with our clients. So what are you waiting for, call us today to inquire about our geothermal controls capabilities and you will be amazed at the door that will open for your facility.

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