Forensic Evaluations

Major’s Forensic Specialists combine over 100 years of extensive HVAC experience as it pertains to the design, operation, manufacture, installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial mechanical systems. Our Forensic Specialists have traveled all over the United States helping our clients get to the bottom of and help properly re-mediate some very serious failures in large, complex HVAC systems. Our forensics evaluations and expert testimony are a valuable asset to your legal team if and when your case goes to ligation.

It is always an unfortunate situation when an HVAC system is not designed and/or installed properly; it can be incredibly detrimental to your facility and/or investment. It can leave your team feeling helpless in how to remedy the situation responsibly and expeditiously, or how to hold those responsible for the failures accountable. We have successfully helped many clients like yourself, and are recognized as one of the top forensics experts in the United States! We guarantee that we will get to the root of the problem and help your team devise the best strategy to recuperate on the situation.

Investigations often involve:

  • HVAC system operational issues due to improper design and/or construction
  • Construction disputes
  • Equipment failure analysis
  • Energy cost damages due to improperly designed and/or installed systems
  • Natural gas, propane and oil fired heating equipment
  • Controls & building automation system operational issues
  • Freezing of piping due to heating problems
  • Geothermal design and/or installation issues “geo-janitorial”

Major always provides its clients with an unbiased, ethical and detailed solution to every one of our forensics cases. Our professional opinions are based on facts and backed by extensive education and experience taken from decades of leadership in the mechanical industry. If you are interested or in need of our Forensic Services, please contact one of our Specialists today!

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