Home Automation Systems

Did you know that homes are now smarter? We have witnessed many changes in our industry since our first service call in 1970, including the transition that made automated home systems part of the normal landscape. Years ago, the thought that your thermostat could automatically adjust based on your preferences or whether or not you were at home was unheard of. If you would have told someone that one day it would be possible to check the status of your home, as well as turn on the lights, make it cooler and more while you were at work, they would have looked at you like you were crazy.

With today’s home control systems, what we once thought possible only in science fiction movies, is now a reality. And we have found that home automation systems, particularly when it comes to your residence or office, can create significant savings on heating and cooling bills. In fact, some automated home systems advertise that they can save homeowners more than 20 percent on their energy bills.

At Major, we have relationships with several home automation manufacturers. Based on your particular needs, we can provide you with the best home automation system for you. That is because we believe in doing things right. So, instead of just selling any system, we first get to understand your needs when it comes to home comfort and then set up the right system for you. We will also take the time to show you how your system works and ensure that you have a firm grasp of it before we leave your home. And, if for some reason, you need a refresher, our Home Comfort Specialists can come back to your home and provide additional training.

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Automated Home Solutions

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat - Home Automation Systems - MajorAt Major, we are Certified Nest Installers.

The Nest is quickly becoming a preferred home automation system and hub for many homes. Not only does Nest provide homeowners with an automated thermostat, but the system is expandable to include security (cameras) and safety (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors).

The Nest Learning Thermostat is very easy to use and requires no programming. In fact, it programs itself as it learns your schedule. So, when you leave for work, it knows and automatically adjusts the temperature setting to help save you money. The Nest, like many home automation solutions, can be remotely controlled from any device. So, you can, if need be, adjust your home environment while you are away.

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EcoBee - Home Automation Systems - MajorThe EcoBee is a Wi-Fi thermostat that uses remote sensors. This home automation system is a great fit for homeowners who want the flexibility to control temperatures in multiple rooms or living areas. While most thermostats can only measure the temperature in one room, the EcoBee sensors can be placed in many different places. Then the EcoBee knows what rooms are occupied and can deliver comfort to the rooms that are being used.

The EcoBee intuitively understands when you turn on the heat or air conditioning based on your home’s energy profile, your schedule and the weather. Again, like the Nest, you can control your EcoBee from anywhere and with any device including the new Apple Watch.

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A More Comfortable Environment

No matter the home automation system, their key purpose is to make your home more comfortable. That is why many of them are designed to learn your needs and then automatically make the necessary adjustments to maintain overall comfort.


Another facet of home automation is the savings typically realized. Most systems are designed to adjust the temperature appropriately depending on your habits—whether you are at home, at work or, in some cases, whether or not you are using a particular room.


More people, however, simply love the convenience of having a home automation system. After all, people are often forgetful. For example, we may forget to adjust the temperature down when we depart for work, therefore, the heater continues to keep the house at 74 degrees even when we’re not home. The same is true in the summer when you forget to adjust the temperature up, leaving the A/C pumping to keep your home at a cool 68 degrees when it is 102 outside when 74 would be refreshing.

Others simply like the idea that without any intervention, the thermostat adjusts to create the perfect temperature by the time they walk through the door.

Keep it Simple

No matter how you like your home or what your daily habits are, we can help find the right home automation system for your needs, install it and ensure it works well with your other comfort systems. While home automation may sound complex, our desire at Major is make it as simple as possible for homeowners. The truth is, most of the systems we install are very easy to use, set up and learn. There are many different systems available with different features, but at their core they are about all about making environments more comfortable, help you save money and provide homeowners with convenience.

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