Residential Comfort Trends

Air Conditioning Energy Savings Tips – Infographic

air conditioning savings tips

Very soon we will be turning on the air conditioning here in Denver. And, while we provide our Denver customers with air conditioning repair and air conditioning installation, we often get asked about air conditioning energy savings tips. If you are looking for a new air conditioner, especially if your current AC is more than 10 years old, investing in a high efficiency unit and installing a smart thermostat will create significant savings for you during the warmer months. While... Read More

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Do air purifiers work? Major Heating

As we continue to look at residential comfort trends and indoor air quality, one that continues to grow is the use of indoor air purifiers. Many people with allergies and asthma use them to help clean the air in their home. Below are some common questions associated with air purifiers and how well they work in your home. Do air purifiers work at cleaning the air in your home? The truth of the matter is that air purifiers do help remove... Read More

Best Home Comfort Innovations From CES

Best home technology from CES - Major Heating

Best home technology from CES Each January Las Vegas becomes a haven for home technology lovers with the annual Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES. It is a chance for technology companies to show off the latest in cutting-edge gadgets ranging from curved 8K Ultra HD televisions to drones and personal robots. As your Denver HVAC company, we are always on the look-out for the latest in home comfort, so we watch CES to see what may be on... Read More

Tips – Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter

Keeping Your Home Warm - Major Heating

Winter is here and the temperature continues to drop and the snow keeps coming. While this is great news for our Colorado ski resorts, it can make managing the temperature of your home a struggle. As your Denver HVAC company, we put together some tips on keeping your home warm during the winter months. Plus, some of these tips can help you save on your heating bill! Use Your Ceiling Fans A lot of Denver-area homes are two stories tall... Read More

2016 Home Trends

2016 Home Trends

When it comes to your home, we believe it should be your sanctuary away from all the craziness of the outside world. There are several ways you can help make your home more comfortable for you and your family. As your local HVAC company, we obviously know the importance of indoor air quality on your health and comfort. While we can help with that aspect, there are other things you can consider in this New Year to take advantage of some... Read More

Home Comfort Technologies of 2015

Home Comfort Technologies 2015 - Major

At Major, we are always on the lookout for new trends when it comes to home comfort technologies and things that that you can implement in your home. This past year, more and more home comfort technologies emerged that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) and are part of the rapid home automation technology trend. While you thought your Wi-Fi was exclusively the domain of movie streaming and TV show binging, it is now used in the home for... Read More

Quick Furnace Check for Winter

Quick furnace check for winter - Major

October in Colorado is one of the craziest months on the calendar. It is much like April where two seasons wrestle and grapple for control. In this case, fall and winter duke it out. In one day we can go from a 75-degree sunny soccer Saturday to a 35-degree football Sunday with snowflakes falling. So, as you rediscover how to layer your wardrobe, it is also important to ensure the furnace is ready to go. Here are some tips to... Read More

Things You Can Automate in Your Home

Things you can automate in your home - Major

There is a growing home automation trend for residential comfort systems. With the internet and wi-fi so pervasive, the industry around the Internet of Things (IoT) is booming. While, for some, the idea of home automation seems a little overwhelming, there are many practical areas that can be used today in your home that can not only help you, but also help save money. We have put together a list of some our favorite areas of residential home automation that... Read More

Get your Furnace Ready for Winter

Get your furnace ready for winter - Major

It might seem silly to start getting your furnace ready for winter in August. Here at Major, we think it’s important that you have time to get it tuned, tested, and serviced before winter. After all, the cooler months will be here before you know it and you do not want to wait until that first and sudden October freeze to learn your furnace is not working. Go ahead and grab your owner’s manual and get started with these tips. Change the... Read More

A Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Living Area - Major

As Coloradoans, we love the outdoors. In fact, it seems that we prefer spending time outside versus inside. So, as a result, many new Colorado home builds really focus on outdoor luxuries. Likewise, we see many homeowners focus on home improvements such as decks, patios and landscaping to create an outdoor living area. So, if you are looking to spruce up your residence’s outdoor comfort, here are some of our favorite things to consider. Outdoor Furniture Seating and tables are... Read More