Consulting Services

Geothermal systems can be an amazing asset to your facility; they reduce operating cost and maintenance, provide superior comfort, and increase the value of your facility. The geothermal industry is increasing but experienced design assets are limited; therefore there is only a limited pool of experienced geothermal professionals to pick from to insure your project’s success. Major has realized this and found that by partnering with respected design and procurement teams, we can provide complimentary consulting solutions to aid your team in insuring your geothermal project’s success. Our consulting services lead to quality assurance, innovations in design, and systems that meet or exceed client expectations.

Major has one of the most respected and experienced geothermal consulting teams in the United States, with over 25,000 tons of geothermal capacity successfully operating in the market to date. At Major we have a division dedicated to geothermal engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), and through this expertise we offer a diverse range of consulting services that fit the needs of your individual project. Our geothermal consulting services have been leveraged extensively both here in the United States and Internationally.

Some consulting services that you may be in need of:

Whether you are seeking a simple peer review of a completed geothermal design, comprehensive design of a brand new geothermal system for your facility, or forensic services on a failing system, we offer a customized geothermal consulting service that allows you and your team to leverage our internal competencies, which have been derived from some of the world’s top leaders in the geothermal industry!

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