SHARC: Sewage Heat Recovery System

SHARC Banner no backgroundSince the dawn of the industrial revolution, humankind has continued its quest to develop new sources of energy to power our growth. Now in the 21st century, our quest is no different, but our exploration of energy has shifted to the development of sustainable sources of energy such as solar, wind and, of course, geothermal. We are excited to tell you that a new, larger source of renewable energy has been found, and it comes from an incredibly unexpected source—our drains!

Did you know that when you flush the toilet or take a shower, run the dishwasher or do the laundry, you are sending free energy straight to the sewer system? Well, we are here to tell you that exiting from buildings, beneath our sidewalks and beneath our roadways, energy flows; abundant accessible, renewable energy! And thanks to the innovators at International Wastewater Systems and their patented SHARC™ Sewage Heat Recovery System, we can now recycle that wasted energy and place it back into our buildings!

According to the US Department of Energy 350 billion Kwh worth of hot water is discarded through our drains in North America every year. That’s a lot of energy! To put that into perspective, this is the equivalent amount of energy that 170 coal-fired power plants generate annually in North America! It also means that nearly $35 billion worth of energy goes down the drain every year. What a waste, right?

The SHARC™ Heat Recovery System is undeniably one of the most significant technology innovations to impact the built environment since geothermal heating and cooling. The applications for the SHARC™ are diverse, and it can be applied to retro-fit and new construction applications. Multi-family buildings, prisons, hotels, dormitories and many industrial facilities all stand to benefit significantly from this technology!

Stay posted, a smaller, compact version of the SHARC™ ,the PIRANHA™, is coming to the market place this Summer! Opening up the this incredible technology to more of the built environment!

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Overview of Technology and Benefits

SHARC Case Study

Major’s Sewage Heat Recovery Services

Project Feasibility Assessments

Heat recovery projects vary in scope and often require a significant amount of engineering input just to prove its feasibility. We have the engineering expertise required and can provide you with the help you need to fully explore what options are available to recover heat from available waste water sources. Leveraging more than 42 years as an elite commercial HVAC company, Major has the expertise to evaluate all aspects of the project and remove any uncertainty from the final feasibility assessment.

Cost Estimates

Major is a full-service commercial HVAC company that helps you from design through construction. Once your project is fully evaluated to maximize the potential of the SHARC system, we will provide a detailed cost estimate for the full installation of the heat recovery system as part of the Project Feasibility Assessment; providing you with a Return on Investment (ROI) estimate that is ultimately necessary for any major investment decisions.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Whether it is a new construction project or retro-fit project, Major has built an elite team of professionals and partners over the past 42 years. We are your one-stop shop for engineering, procurement and construction of your SHARC™ heat recovery system. However, if you already have a Mechanical Engineer you like to work with, we will work closely with them to incorporate the SHARC™ into the mechanical system design and ensure that the system is installed correctly and on schedule!

Technical Support

Our technical support staff has a wide range of capabilities to help you with the specifics of your system. We have more than 120 years of experience on staff in all facets of heating and air conditioning.

Innovative Financing Solutions

At Major we understand that cash is king, and investing capital up front can be a heavy burden for some customers. If you do not want to invest the capital up front, Major has several financing options that can be investigated to bring your heat recovery project to fruition, subject to approved credit. . Finance options are dependent on geographical location and magnitude of the project. Once the feasibility and cost estimates are completed, Major will work with you to determine what financing options are available and help answer any questions in regards to the terms and conditions of each option. At the end of the day, we are confident that we can find a solution that creates a long-term positive cash flow from your heat recovery project!

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FREE System Evaluations

At Major we are proud to have been chosen by International Wastewater Systems to be part of a small, elite group of commercial HVAC professionals in the United States to deliver the SHARC™ to the Rocky Mountain Region. We can’t express how excited we are about the potential of this technology to significantly benefit our customers.

To get started, our Geothermal Specialists will walk you through the technology and how it can be applied to your facility or incorporated into your mechanical design for a new building. In addition, we will also complete a feasibility analysis for your facility at no cost; so that you can understand the return of investment expected for your individual project.

Our Geothermal Specialists are trusted not only by IKEA, but by 100s of commercial clients all over the United States! If you are interested in how a SHARC™ Heat Recovery System could benefit your commercial HVAC project, please don’t hesitate to schedule an evaluation today or call one of our Geothermal Specialists at 303-424-1622.

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