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Commercial HVAC Denver

At Major we believe in doing things right and working with our clients to provide solutions that improve the quality of your facility. Since 1970, we have provided commercial HVAC services and built lifelong relationships with thousands of commercial HVAC customers in Denver, Colorado and around the world. These relationships are built on trust, quality service, and caring about you and the performance of your facility. Need proof? Major is still the primary service provider for its very first customer from 1972, Fairmount Mortuary! In addition, we have been trusted by many Colorado building owners such IKEA, Walgreen’s, University Building, and many, many more!

Major is now an authorized GPS dealer. This hospital-grade technology allows your business to provide safer, healthier indoor air quality to employees, customers and clients in your building. It’s proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.4% within 30 minutes. Learn more about this indoor air quality technology and how it can benefit your business. 

We are the only Commercial HVAC services company in the country providing the Major Service System™. Our NATE-certified Commercial Systems Tech will spend time with you understanding you, your facility and then provide a straight-forward evaluation of your current system(s) as well as a customized solution that meets your objectives.

By choosing the Major Service System ™ you will enjoy;

  • Customized solutions for your specific objectives
  • Clear up-front options and pricing
  • Routine “worry free” maintenance
  • Proactive and strategic plans to address longevity of your HVAC system
  • Information on sales, latest trends and new technologies

Our Commercial Systems Tech and team are cross-trained to meet your commercial needs, including:

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Commercial HVAC Replacement

We are one of the only commercial HVAC contractors in Colorado with the combined experience and expertise with the capabilities to provide quality replacement for any type of commercial HVAC system including, all brands of rooftops, chillers, hot water & steam boilers, geothermal, compressors, air-handler, cooling towers, pumps, variable speed drives, controls and building automation systems.

Let’s face it, commercial HVAC systems are complex, and when the wrong equipment is installed, it can certainly impact your bottom line. This is why it is important to find an HVAC contractor that you can trust! At Major we have been serving Colorado for over 40 years, and have maintained the trust of 100’s of buildings owners in the communities that we serve.

Whether your facility is in need of a full HVAC system replacement, partial replacement, or you are looking for a mechanical system for your new facility, we build options that fit your budget and your facility’s needs. At Major we offer our clients the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective systems at affordable prices. With increasing operations costs it is important that whoever you choose to install your new HVAC equipment that they communicate to you not only the short term benefits of the HVAC equipment, but also explain the long term operational benefits of each system option. If you are building a new facility, we highly recommend that you consider our exceptional design/build services!

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Commercial HVAC Repair

Major is a fully licensed and insured commercial HVAC repair company, Our team of Commercial HVAC Specialists is one of the most diverse group of HVAC professionals in Colorado providing “best in class” commercial HVAC service and repair for any type of system including, but not limited to;

  • Chillers—air cooled and water cooled
  • Cooling towers and evaporative coolers
  • Steam and hot water boilers
  • Controls and building automation systems
  • Condensing units
  • Chilled water and condenser water pumps
  • Motors and motor starters
  • Rooftop and unitary HVAC units (electric, gas-fired)
  • Air handlers
  • Fans
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Air filtration
  • Humidification
  • Refrigerant monitoring
  • Geothermal HVAC systems

All of our NATE-certified Commercial HVAC Specialists are highly trained and enjoy their profession. They arrive ready to answer questions and prepared to solve any repair problems you may have.

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Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Major offers our Facility Comfort Assurance Program that adhere to the principals of our organization; we believe in doing things right, providing exceptional customer service, introducing cost effective solutions, and improving the quality of life at your facility.

At Major we take the time to listen to all our clients, and each of our HVAC preventative maintenance agreements is tailored to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility. We build a program that includes both preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running in peak condition and predictive maintenance services to identify potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.

Major’s Facility Comfort Assurance Program will help you:

  • Maintain the efficiency and reliability of all your equipment
  • Minimize downtime, repair bills, and loss of use
  • Plan for the future as assets expire or become too inefficient

Facility Comfort Assurance Program options include:

  • Inspection and reports
  • Inspection with seasonal adjustments and preventive maintenance
  • Full maintenance, including preventive maintenance plus service calls
  • Predictive maintenance and strategic planning
  • Maintenance of chiller, hot water & steam boilers, cooling towers, geothermal, compressors, air handlers, rooftop units, airside distribution equipment, and controls
  • HVAC Forensics

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