Reach for the Dirt with Geothermal Heating

At Major we like to “reach for the sky,” but even more so we enjoy “reaching for the dirt!” You are probably asking, what does that mean? Well, at Major we have helped hundreds of commercial, institutional and federal facility owners “reach for the dirt” by designing and procuring geothermal heating and cooling systems that leverage the renewable energy right below our feet to provide superior comfort solutions for their buildings.

At Major we understand that comfort for a commercial building owner is not only defined as how well a system conditions the building space, but is also defined by other parameters such as energy cost savings, sustainability, operation & maintenance savings, and how well the system can control the environment’s conditions, even on the hottest days of the year! That is why we “reach for the dirt,” because geothermal heating and cooling is the only technology that can deliver ultimate 360° comfort in your commercial facility.

There are many myths about geothermal heating and cooling that are falsely communicated to the end user, such as “it doesn’t work” or “it costs too much money,” but with over 25 million square feet of commercial scale geothermal systems operating per our design, our clients will attest to the value and return on their geothermal investments.

Most often than not, despite contrary belief, geothermal systems come in at cost parity or even less expensive than conventional commercial HVAC systems. Why you ask? Well, a geothermal system requires less infrastructure investments in most cases than a conventional commercial HVAC system; therefore as the size of the building expands geothermal scales slower, offsetting significant costs than say a 4-pipe boiler/chiller system would require. Further, with large federal tax incentives such as the 10% Investor Tax Credit (ITC) and the 5-Year Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS) schedule allowed for the investment, commercial property investors are finding that geothermal heating and cooling is an intelligent investment that they can’t turn down!

Don’t take my word for it though; just ask some of our commercial clients such as the Boulder Housing Authority who is seeing over a 65% operating savings on their geothermal systems at Josephine Commons. Or IKEA who is experiencing instant returns on investment compared to alternative boiler/chiller system for their new facilities, all while eliminating wasteful cooling towers and clearing more space on their roof for solar electric technologies.

How to Use This Information

At Major we challenge you to investigate geothermal heating and cooling for your facility. We are not only a design and procurement company for these systems, but we are also educators and leaders in the industry. Our consulting services will take time getting you the right information you need to make intelligent decisions for your commercial facility, and build the teams necessary to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

Our Geothermal Specialists are trusted not only by IKEA, but by 100s of commercial clients all over the United States! If you are interested in how a geothermal system could benefit your commercial project, please don’t hesitate to schedule a systems evaluation today or call one of our Geothermal Specialists at 303-424-1622.


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