Major Colorado Heating and Cooling Team New Year Resolutions

At Major, our team of Colorado heating and cooling experts work very hard doing the job right for all our customers. Whether it is your HVAC or geothermal heating system, our team always strives to ensure your comfort.  Part of allowing them do the job right is also supporting them with their own goals. As the New Year is upon us, many of our team members have made fantastic resolutions. Below are some our team’s resolutions that we hope will inspire you with your own in the new year.

Lori Howell

“My New Year’s Resolution is three folded, I would like to increase my attention on a better ‘ME’ in respect to Mind and Body, tighten my personal budget to pay things off to better prepare for the future, and lastly I will set achievable goals both for my professional career and my personal life.”

Diane Hindam

“My New Year’s Resolution is simple; I will focus on taking better care of my health, by getting to the doctor more frequently and that pesky dentist”

Joel Poppert

“I plan to set my goals higher as they pertain to my career aspirations in the clean energy industry. I will increase my participation in stakeholder groups, and increase my presentation activities. For my personal life, I intend to spend more time nourishing relationships with friends and family.”

Travis Marque

“I want to continue to be the best dad that I can to my children!”

Bob Major

“My New Year resolution is to eat healthier and continue working out.”

As you can see, resolutions can come in a wide variety. Whether your resolutions are to live healthier, set higher career goals or finally make it to the dentist, we support you.

How to Use This Information

We hope that no matter what you commit to in your New Year Resolutions that you are able to accomplish your goals. If staying healthier is part of your resolutions, we at Major can help from an environment perspective. Our heating and cooling maintenance with Home Comfort Assurance can provide peace of mind and keep your system and indoor air quality healthy. Call us at 303-424-1622 to schedule a free systems evaluations, or schedule online.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year?