Five Ways to Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

Getting Your Air Conditioning Ready!

In the not so distant future, it is going to be hot in Denver. As your Denver area air conditioning repair and air conditioning installation experts, we know that when the temperature rises, you most likely will want to turn on your air conditioner. After all, the average Denver high in July is 88 degrees. Granted, folks from the desert southwest may still consider that a bit chilly. But, for us, it is warm!

So, before that day, when the temperature blasts us with 95 degrees, you will want to get your air conditioner in shape. Remember, your A/C has been in hibernation for some time, and you do not want to wait until you need it only to find it is not working. Here are some things you can do now, to ensure your A/C is ready.

Change or Clean Your Filter

Many A/C systems have disposable filters and others have filters that can be cleaned with water. Regardless, changing or cleaning your filters should be a top priority. A dirty filter will make your system work harder to keep you comfortable. This not only runs up your energy bills, but it can also reduce the life of your air conditioner.

Clean Your Ducts

Just like dirty filters, dirty ducts reduce the flow of air throughout your home. Likewise, your A/C will have to work harder. Plus, you will be blowing dirty air around the home which can cause sickness because, due to condensation, mold and fungus can build up. Because ductwork is hidden behind walls and in the ceiling, you should call a professional to clean them out for you.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

Most residential air conditioning systems have an outdoor unit. This unit should be free of anything blocking the equipment. Plants, grass clippings and other debris can clog or even damage the unit. To clean, simply use a cloth to gently wipe the coils from the fins, but do not use a lot of force as you do not want to bend the fins. And, most importantly, make sure you turn off your thermostat before cleaning! Keeping the outdoor unit clean will reduce resistance and help increase your system’s efficiency.

Check the Belts

Your outdoor unit has fan belts that might need adjustment or replacement. If it looks like they are cracked, you may want to call a professional to replace them with proper parts. The belts are a crucial aspect to keeping the A/C running optimally.

Schedule Pre-Season Maintenance

Professionals, like Major, can help ensure your system is ready to go. Pre-scheduled maintenance can inspect and “tune” your air conditioning and ensure proper cooling throughout your home. Plus, if there are issues, we can help address them before they become bigger problems down the road.

How to Use This Information

Did you know that Major offers the Home Comfort Assurance Program? This program is designed to keep your HVAC systems up and running throughout the year with pre-scheduled maintenance. Call 303-424-1622 to learn more or schedule online for our free systems evaluation.

And, speaking of the summer heat, what are your favorite things to do to keep cool?