Cold to Hot and Back Again

Crazy Spring Weather in Colorado

Colorado Spring weather. . .you just have to love it! In particular, it is fun to watch people who have moved here from other states adjust to our crazy spring weather. Yes, you have to keep the snow shovel at the ready through May! As your Denver HVAC specialists, we sort of like this back and forth fun. Keeps everyone on their toes!

While many places, around this time, are leaving winter in their rearview mirror, we spend spring with winter staging a custody battle with summer. We have experienced Rockies home openers in 80 degrees and the next day have a “snow out”.  A couple years ago we had snow falling on Mother’s Day. Easter Egg hunts in snow – absolutely!

This day-to-day battle of extremes can be interesting when it comes to your heating and air-conditioning systems. One moment you are running the A/C to only have to switch back to the furnace a moment later. Typically, you wake up and it is cold and you need the heater engaged. Then by the afternoon you feel compelled to turn on the air conditioner. It is a roller coaster ride that that can have you going back and forth to the thermostat.

So, what are you to do to maintain an even and comfortable indoor climate?

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature by Circulating Air

Circulation and ventilation is the best remedy. Keeping air flowing will allow for more even distribution of air. The movement of air will help keep the air temperature at a more moderate and even level. So, if you have a ceiling fan, spring is a great time to start using it. In fact, you can change the rotation of the fan to either help with making the air warmer, or make it cooler as needed. Counter-clockwise rotation will push hot air up (great for hot days) and clockwise will trap heat inside to make you warmer.

The proper use of ceiling fans can help keep overall temperatures moderate during the springtime so you do not have to switch, as frequently, from A/C to heater (and vice versa) during these spring months. As a result, you will save on your energy bills!

If you do not have a ceiling fan, just open some windows on either side of your home to allow for some gentle cross-air circulation. Doing this during the warmer spring days (while you are home) can help moderate indoor temperatures.

How to Use This Information

Spring months can be tough on your systems as you constantly switch from the heater to the air conditioner and back again. So, it’s important to ensure that your climate systems are maintained properly. And, as we start to move into summer, A/C systems should really start to be checked. So, take some time and have Major come out and conduct a free systems evaluations to make sure you are ready to go when summer finally wins out over old man winter. Call 303-424-1622 or schedule online.

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