Best Home Comfort Innovations From CES

Best home technology from CES

Each January Las Vegas becomes a haven for home technology lovers with the annual Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES. It is a chance for technology companies to show off the latest in cutting-edge gadgets ranging from curved 8K Ultra HD televisions to drones and personal robots. As your Denver HVAC company, we are always on the look-out for the latest in home comfort, so we watch CES to see what may be on the horizon, and this year was no exception. Here is our round up of the best home technology from CES.

Smart Home – Samsung

The notion of a smart home is no longer a concept. Samsung is living up to its promise of connecting everything in your home to the internet. At CES they unveiled new lines of televisions with their SmartThings hub. Through your TV and other Samsung devices, you will be able to control everything in your home. With sensors on windows and doors, SmartThings will offer security and monitoring from wherever you are. In fact, they showed how it can integrate with a BMW so you can monitor your home from your vehicle’s multimedia center. Also, Samsung showed off connected appliances that included refrigerators and ranges. So, you can literally monitor and control the temperature of your oven from your smartphone, should you care to do so.

Ecovent Gaining Momentum

At the 2015 CES, Ecovent was named Automation Product of the Year. This year they continued their momentum at CES. Ecovent provides vents, sensors and a smart hub that controls air flow through your home so that you can better control the exact temperature of each room. Essentially, this will help homeowners who have some rooms that are hot while other rooms are cold in the summer months.

Keen Home’s Smart Vent

The Keen Smart Vent was also at CES this year. With Keen, you can select which rooms you would like more control of when it comes to air flow from your vents. You can set one room to a certain temperature and another one to a different level of comfort that is right for you. In fact, you can stop heating and cooling the kids’ rooms if they are off to college, if you want. The Smart Vent system also integrates with Samsung’s SmartThings, Nest and Lowe’s Iris.

Honeywell Lyric

The Honeywell Lyric group of wireless, connected devices includes such things a wireless smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to you. It knows when you are home or out late and adjusts the temperature of your home to help get you better energy savings. In addition to the thermostat, Lyric also has water leak and freeze detectors, which can come in handy in Colorado where pipes bursting during a polar vortex can be an all-to-common occurrence. And, the Lyric integrates the Apple Home Kit as well as Samsung’s SmartThings.

How to Use This Information

It is clear the theme of CES, apart from self-parking cars and unmanned drones, was all about the smart home. More and more, your basic home comfort is being connected to the Internet of Things and controlled through smartphones. When it comes to your home comfort needs, we can help. Our team has expertise in heating and cooling technology as well as home automation systems to keep you comfortable and saving on your energy bills throughout the year. Call 303-424-1622 or schedule online for a free systems evaluation.

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