5 Ways to Keep New Year Resolutions From Your HVAC Denver Experts

It is hard to believe that a new year is already upon us! But, the New Year is here and if you are like most people, you have made some New Year resolutions. Even your HVAC Denver experts at Major have made some resolutions.

The fact is, more than 40 percent of Americans make New Year resolutions. However, only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals according to research from the University of Scranton.

For those of you with resolutions, what are some ways you can be part of that 8 percent? While we are experts in heating and air conditioning, we are also pretty good about following through on our promises. So, we know a thing or two about keeping resolutions. Here five practical tips that can help you achieve your goals.

1. Break your Long-Term Goal into Smaller Short-Term Goals

Let’s face it, some goals are very big! And sometimes, if they seem too big, they are immediately doomed for failure. For example, if your goal is to save $5,000 this year, it looks staggering. If you break it down to saving $100 a week, it seems a little more manageable

2. Vision Board

To keep yourself motivated, create a vision board. Pull out old magazine and cut out pictures or find quotes the inspire you. Paste onto a board photos or quotes that then embody your goal and your resolution. Place the board where you can see it every day – perhaps by your bathroom mirror or bed. Doing so will help keep you motivated throughout that day, not mention the entire year!

3. The Buddy System

It is always easier to do something with a friend. If you have a friend with a similar goal, you can do things to accomplish your resolutions together. Take exercise, for example. It is much more fun to take walks or go jogging with a friend as they can help keep you motivated. Having a friend with you along the same journey simply makes things easier as you can share in each of your successes and cheer each other along.

4. Set Goals Around Things You Can Control

Sometimes you need to look at your goals from a different point of view. Perhaps you want to lose 20 pounds. While that is a great goal, losing pounds is something that is difficult to really control. However, making your goal more about exercising for 20 minutes, 4 times a week or ensuring half your plate has fruit or vegetables are tangible things you can control. Plus, the outcome could very well be losing those extra pounds.

 5. Enjoy the Journey

New Year resolutions are about making yourself better or improving a little something in your life. There can be a great sense of achievement by simply stepping out and challenging yourself. Part of that process is to remember to have fun. Even if you lose sight of your goal or fall short, each day is another chance to give your resolution a go. Stay positive allow yourself some wiggle room along the way.

How to Use This Information

Major is available for all you HVAC Denver needs. But our primary goal is ensuring your comfort and quality of life. We strive to make each of our customers happy and we hope that you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to this New Year. And remember, for all your heating and air conditioning needs, we are only a phone call away 303-424-1622. You can also schedule your free systems evaluation online.

Do you have any special tips for keeping New Year resolutions? We would love to hear some and share them!

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