Movie Night Tips

When it comes to enjoying your home, there is little better than curling up on the couch and watching a movie. In fact, in our household, it is sort of a Friday night ritual we call Major Family Movie Night. Whether you have kids or not, popping in a movie (or streaming one) can be fun. You can even invite friends over and make a full evening gathering out of it! To help you have the perfect movie night, we have put together our favorite movie night tips.

Finding the Right Movie

Finding that perfect film for the evening will largely depend on your audience. If you have kids, you may want to opt for some good old family favorites. And, to help keep sibling rivalry curbed, ensure you establish rules like taking turns picking and a zero complaining policy about what is picked.

If you are having friends over, you can do a pre-movie night survey of a couple different film options and see what your guests may be in the mood for. But, as they gather for conversation and snacks before the film, read the mood of the room. It could be that you had voted for Steel Magnolias, but the conversation turned to more of a Princess Bride mood. So, be willing to adjust.

If your guests are a mix of wannabe film critics and kids, then we suggest finding an older classic like
Wizard of Oz
or even E.T. Look for something that is fun, friendly, but also holds high prestige in film circles in order to satisfy both audiences.

Make it A Theme Night

Something that can liven up a movie night is to make it a little theme party. Have a pre-selected film and create snacks around the movie. Dress in costumes and even have a few props. This is especially fun for movies such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Grease. But, you can also do this for more contemporary movies like the Lord of the Rings or even the Harry Potter films.

Popcorn – A Must Have

Don’t even debate this. You have to have popcorn and always make more than you think you will need. You pop it and people will eat it. Preferably, you should pop it on the stove top in a little canola oil and then add in some sea salt and melted butter. But, you can also try some fancy variations with things like cinnamon sugar or even mixed with chocolate chips.

Get Comfy

Turn down the lights and pull out some blankets. If you have some bean bags, or other floor sitting options such as big pillows, it can be fun! After all, all your guests may not want to try to cram onto your couch. So, allow for different sitting options that allow people to stretch out and enjoy the film.

Go Outdoors

Another fun option, in the warmer months, is to do movie night outside. Hook up a computer or DVD player to a projector and project the film on a screen or even a white sheet attached to the side of your house. Grill some burgers and hot dogs and get some sleeping bags. In fact, you will likely attract some neighbors doing this, and before you know it, you may have a fun little neighborhood gathering and summer movie night tradition.

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