Meet Jessie James and Doc Holiday

The Major household and office are always bustling with four legged friends. That includes Jessie James and Doc Holiday who are the furry kids of Jack Jr and Mariann Major.

Both Jessie and Doc are Black Labs. Jessie is the puppy at 6-months-old and Doc is 28-months-old. While at home they are Mariann’s shadow. This is especially true of Jessie, who is, according to Jack, “A Mama’s boy”. But, when it comes to hunting they are all about Jack and cannot wait to get into the truck and head off on an adventure.

Jessie at Halloween

Jessie at Halloween

Doc and Jessie are incredibly well trained. In fact, training began at six-weeks-old for both. Jack has trained them to be retrieval dogs on hunting trips. They will swim out and retrieve geese and ducks. They have to have no aggression as they have to calm on hunting trips. You truly will not meet two more calm Black Labs. After all, you cannot have them swimming out to fetch a duck and then get distracted by another dog or even try to fight another dog for the prize.

The Majors use to have another lab named Wyatt Earp. Unfortunately, Wyatt lost his battle with cancer recently. But on one famous hunting trip, shortly after Wyatt had chemo, he went into the water to retrieve a goose. The goose had a 56-inch wing span and the wing was covering Wyatt’s eyes when he was swimming into shore. This made it hard for Wyatt to find the right direction to swim back. Doc, seeing this, jumped into the water and helped pull in the goose with Wyatt while successfully steering them to shore. So, the dogs work as a team and look out for each other.

Both dogs love hunting so much that sometimes they get jealous of each other. They can tell when one gets to go hunting or has been hunting. But, that jealously is pretty normal in any sibling relationship and it is no different with Doc and Jessie.

Doc and Jessie are often seen around the Major office. After making the rounds at the office and greeting everyone, they love nothing more than to curl up under the desks – creating an instant foot warmer. And, whether at home, at work, or on a hunt, both Doc and Jessie are keep a sharp eye out for Jack Jr. and Mariann.

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