How Much Does the Average Furnace Repair Cost for 2024?

Your furnace is one of the most important systems in your home. It keeps your family warm and comfortable throughout the winter, and it prevents pipes from freezing and bursting during the coldest days of the year. Due to the essential functions performed by your furnace, prompt repairs become critical anytime it breaks down.

If you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, you may be wondering how much repairs might cost. The typical range for furnace repairs is between $132 and $500, with the average cost being approximately $316. However, the cost of your repairs can significantly exceed these figures based on the specific type of repair needed.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Furnace Repair

There are several factors that will impact how much it costs to repair your furnace in the event of a breakdown. These include:

  • Furnace type
  • Repair type
  • Labor costs

Furnace Type

The type of furnace you have will play a significant role in the cost of repairs since natural gas, propane, electric and oil furnaces all work differently, have different parts and require different types of repairs. In general, electric furnaces are less expensive to service and repair than gas, propane and oil furnaces.

Repair Type

Another factor impacting the cost of your furnace repair is the part involved. Some parts are more expensive than others. In addition, replacing some parts of your furnace will be more labor-intensive and complicated than others.

Labor Costs

The cost of your furnace repair involves more than the cost of replacement parts. You will also be charged labor costs for the time the technician spends performing the repairs. These labor costs can vary from provider to provider. In addition, the longer the repair takes, the higher your labor costs are likely to be since most providers charge by the hour for labor. Labor costs for emergency service calls will typically be more expensive.

How Much Are Annual Furnace Maintenance Costs?

furnace maintenanceRegular furnace maintenance is necessary to ensure your system runs smoothly. When you keep up on these important maintenance services, you can often extend the lifespan of your furnace and reduce the risk of more expensive repairs.

Many HVAC companies will offer annual furnace cleaning and inspection services. Often, these maintenance services will cost between $100 and $300. However, if you require duct cleaning, these maintenance services may be more expensive.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

If you experience any of the following issues, it is likely a sign that your furnace needs to be repaired:

  • Inadequate heat – If your furnace isn’t properly heating your home, it’s a sign that it needs to be repaired. There are several potential causes of this issue, including clogged filters, broken motors, pilot light or ignitor issues, a malfunctioning thermostat or ductwork issues.
  • Unusual furnace smells – It’s common to notice a smell when you first turn on the furnace at the start of winter, but if you notice any unusual smells at other times, such as burning odors or fuel smells, you should contact a furnace repair company at once.
  • Water leaks – A water leak from your furnace is a sign that the system isn’t working properly. These issues require prompt attention to prevent major damage to your furnace.
  • Unusual noises – If your furnace is making squealing, clunking or whistling noises, you should have the system checked out by a furnace repair professional.
  • Furnace turns on and off constantly – There are many potential causes of this issue, and it’s important to have the problem diagnosed by a professional furnace repair company.
  • Increased utility bills – If you notice your utility bills spiking unexpectedly during the winter, it may be a sign that your furnace isn’t running efficiently and is in need of repairs.

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

should I repair or replace my furnaceIf your furnace isn’t working properly, you will need to decide whether to repair it or replace it with a new furnace. There are several factors which will determine which course of action is right for you, including:

  • Age of the furnace – In general, it will make more sense to repair newer furnaces that are still under warranty. If you have an older furnace, the decision is more difficult. The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years, so if you’re approaching the top end of this range, furnace replacement is more likely the best decision since you may experience more frequent breakdowns moving forward or need to replace the system within a few years.
  • Extent of the damage – If the necessary repairs are relatively minor and the furnace is in good condition, then choosing to repair the furnace is often the best approach. However, if you are facing major repairs that are going to be expensive, it may make more sense to replace the furnace.
  • Cost – Always compare the cost of repairs vs. the cost of replacing your furnace. If the costs are relatively similar, then it may make sense to just replace the system, especially if it is old.
  • Energy efficiency – Newer furnaces are much more energy efficient than older systems. If your current furnace has a low energy efficiency rating, then replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient system may significantly lower your energy bill each month. In these situations, the long-term savings you experience on your energy bill may make replacing your furnace a smarter decision.

Major Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help

If you’re in need of furnace repair or replacement, Major Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We’ve been Denver’s leading HVAC company since 1970. Our team has extensive experience performing a wide range of repairs for both residential and commercial furnaces. If replacing your furnace makes more sense, we’ll provide you with customized recommendations to ensure your new furnace meets the specific need of your home or commercial property. In addition, we will evaluate any rebates and incentives available to you to help ensure you maximize any cost savings benefits associated with your new furnace.

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