Winter Workout Tips

It is winter. It is cold. So, we understand it when people find it hard to get in that winter workout. So we have some winter workout tips….apart from furnace replacement to keep you warm. Plus, maintaining a healthy workout program in the winter can do several things beyond just keeping you in shape.

Working out can help:

  1. Reduce depression
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Increase your productivity

To help you keep working out in the winter months, here are some practical tips when going outside for a run may not be an option.

Fitness DVDs

Yes, we know that people prefer outdoor workouts. After all, we live in Colorado! But when the snow is falling and we get hit with a polar vortex, sometimes outside is not an option. So, turn up the heater and put in a fitness DVD. There are many different programs to choose from that feature different celebrity trainers. Find a series of workouts that alter routines as you want to mix things up for maximum calorie burn. So, one day you do a DVD on cardio training, the next day could be core strengthening. Another could be focused on using free weights and resistance bands. Plus, having a daily variety will help keep you engaged and less prone to winter burn out.

Use Exercise Equipment

You can invest in some indoor exercise equipment such as a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill. Again, some people dislike the idea of being indoors to exercise. But getting a half hour in on an elliptical can do wonders. But, exercise equipment can be expensive. For some; however, they see it as an investment that motivates them to keep healthy. We have found that some equipment can come in a variety of pricing options depending on features. So, if you are willing to forgo features like touchscreens or iPad syncing, you can find some reasonably priced equipment. Plus, some equipment is available that serve dual purposes. For example, some ellipticals can convert in recumbent stationary bikes.

The Old Stair Routine

There are many different ways at work to get in a workout in the winter months. One of the most common is stair climbing. Schedule a few ten minute breaks during the day and simply go walk up and down a flight of stairs. If you work in high rise building, perhaps select a limited number of floors. Walk up and down the stairs for a period of ten minutes and your will get in both cardio endurance lower body strengthening.

Stand More

We have all read recent studies that link long periods of sitting to the equivalent of smoking. So, find time to actually stand more. In fact, many work places are adapting to desk environments that allow employees to stand while working. They are finding those employees are more alert and productive throughout the day. Plus, they end up burning more calories simply by standing up.

Park Further Away

If you cannot find the time or desire for your normal outdoor running or walking in the winter months, just try parking further away. Whether you are going shopping or at work, park as far as reasonably away from the entrance. Then, you will have a little longer walk and sometimes those extra steps can make all the difference.

Warm Clothes

There are some that are just going to get outside and exercise. Just make sure you bundle up in layers with breathable material to move sweat away from your skin. Then, get out and embrace the cold! In fact, shoveling snow alone can be a great upper body workout.

How To Use This Information

While it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean it has to be inside. This winter, if you are experiencing cold spots in your home or your furnace seems like it is running more than it should, give us a call at 303-424-1622 for a free systems evaluation. Or you can schedule online.

What are ways you stay fit in the winter months?

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