Westminster City Hall Goes Geothermal

If you happen to live around Westminster, you may have noticed some recent activity at the City Hall. Well, that is Major’s geothermal experts hard at work installing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Our team’s work will soon pay off when Westminster City Hall begins to harness the renewable energy already available in the ground to heat and cool the building. Plus, the city will save money through a truly green and renewable energy method. However, it will not be only energy that will be saved. The new system will also save the city more than 550,000 gallons of water per year when compared to the existing system that was using domestic water to heat and cool the building!

Major has been contracted out for the installation to retrofit the existing interior geothermal mechanical system that includes new piping from the vertical closed loop geothermal heat exchanger as well as the DDC controls and building automation systems. Major’s geothermal expertise, will insure that this system is installed right and operates properly, maximizing on the City’s investment.

The City of Westminster studied several different options before arriving at their decision. They looked at simply replacing their current system with a closed circuit cooling tower as well as an option to replace the system with a chiller to condition a modified condenser water loop. After examining the overall life cycle costs against the goal of determining what solution would offer the best value over time rather than the solution with the lowest initial cost, city officials decided in favor of a geothermal system. A key part of the decision had to do with discovering that the life expectancy of the geothermal system was so much longer than conventional technologies. Further, the system is expected to significantly lower operating and maintenance costs compared to the other options.

We are very proud to work on this project for the City of Westminster. We value working with communities to deliver effective, earth-friendly solutions that will help them save taxpayer dollars!

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