Top 5 Items for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here which means warmer and longer days, refreshing rain showers and celebration that winter is waning. And, with spring comes spring cleaning. While most people do not, typically, look forward to spring cleaning, we put together a spring cleaning checklist of the top five things to do to get your home into spring-clean shape.

Spring cleaning is almost instinctual. As the chill of winter goes away, people simply find the urge to move the couch and vacuum underneath it while the washing machine tumbles the drapes. Spring cleaning is rooted in tradition when homes were smaller and didn’t have central heating. There were just some household chores that had to wait for warmer weather. For example, before electric and gas-powered dryers, the only way to dry larger items such as curtains and comforters were to hang them outside to dry. An activity that’s much more enjoyable, and effective, during warm, sunny days.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning typically is a top-down cleaning of your home and can be daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some key spring cleaning tasks for you to check off your list:


These are your first lines of defense in keeping your home clean. Shake and hit them with a broom. They do not take long to clean, but after a little shaking they can help make your entire home more welcoming.

Carpet Cleaning

If there is one time to shampoo or deep-clean your carpet, spring is it. Your carpet bears the brunt of the muck as well as the chemical residue from salt and magnesium chloride dragged in on your shoes from snow- and ice-melting efforts.

Simply rent a Rug-Doctor at the grocery or hardware store to give your carpets a fresh look. They are very simple to use and you can have your carpets deep cleaned in just about the same amount of time it takes to vacuum. To dry the carpet, open the windows to speed the process along. Plus, you get great cross-ventilation and fresh air moving in the house which help recycle some of that old air.

Wall Washing

Some people overlook this, but walls can get dingy in the winter. Give them a once-a-year cleaning using a sponge (or sponge mop for higher places) and simple hand soap to really brighten them up. Plus, you can do the same with floorboards.

Smart Vacuuming

It used to be that people would move all their furniture and then vacuum. That can take a lot of time. So, we suggest just moving your furniture a little to the left or right and vacuum the area previously occupied. Then, move the furniture back to its previous spot. This will get you that corner-to-corner vacuuming without spending time moving all of your furniture.

Clean Ceiling and Light Fixtures

Remove dust from ceiling fans as well as air-conditioner and heating vents with a cloth and vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment. You can do the same with light fixtures, which will allow them to shine even brighter.

How To Use This Information

Spring cleaning can be very beneficial in keeping your indoor environment comfortable and healthy. Taking time in the spring to more thoroughly clean can make it much easier to keep your home clean year-round and help improve your indoor air quality. If you have concerns about your indoor quality, call us at 303-424-1622 or schedule online. We will perform a free systems evaluations and customize solutions for you that can help keep your air clean and comfortable year-round.

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