The Conquest of Sustainability

Sustainability practices are growing

In preparation for our presentation at the USGBC Green Schools Summit on November 6, 2015, we continue to remain ecstatic about the future of the sustainability environment, both in Colorado and around the world.

Sustainability aspirations were once just that, aspirations, to only be discussed in closed rooms where executives’ dreams died at the desks of many CFOs. It was not the CFOs’ fault, the data was limited and the investments were found to be too risky. Fast-forward to the present, and the verdict is out: sustainability practices significantly contribute to your bottom line, not only financially but from a public perception, too! Further, as public opinion shifts rapidly in regard to climate change, and younger generations increasingly demand socially responsible services and products, you can bet that your sustainable practices will get noticed or will be necessary to compete in the near future.

Lucky for us more executives are taking notice of this shift in how business is done, and how we manage our building assets. Thanks to the robust sustainability market it has never been easier to invest in sustainability for your building. The stockpile of data, case studies and advanced modeling tools can now be leveraged to make sound financial decisions as they relate to sustainability investments in your building assets. In addition, with the market introduction of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), Energy Service Agreements (ESAs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), executives can now make these investments without impacting their balance sheets. Now it really is just a matter of starting the conversations with industry professionals, such as Major, and heading out on the enjoyable path to conquer sustainability!

So with that, it is high time to celebrate this shift in the market, but aside from making our cash flows healthier through investments in sustainability, these investments make our buildings more comfortable, require less maintenance and are just cool, right?! We at Major hope to see you on November 6, 2015 at the Green Schools Summit, one of our favorite annual professional events here in Colorado!

How to Use This Information

Do you really know how much energy you are wasting or could be saving? Do you know if your building is as comfortable as possible? Do you have sustainability goals that you would like to achieve? Or do you need to understand what your building is doing better? If so, Major is one of the most trusted experts in the industry, and are committed to setting you on the right path for your sustainable investments.

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