Save on Your Heating and Cooling Bill

The technology we see that helps homeowners better control their comfort is simply amazing – especially when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Home automation and smart technology make the control of homes easy for homeowners. In some cases, these smart technologies automatically learn homeowner behaviors and preferences.

This is the case with many smart thermostat systems. Among the latest technology is the Wi-Fi Côr™ Thermostat from Carrier. The Côr allows homeowners to control the temperature of their home from anywhere with their smartphone or tablet. So, if you are at work on a hot and sweltering day and you want your home a little cooler when you get home, just pull out your phone and adjust the temperature of your house before you leave the office.

Like a lot of smart technology, the Côr also learns from your daily habits in order to keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently. And the thermostat touchscreen interface makes operation very simple.

The Côr also comes with advanced software that reports to homeowners their energy usage. With those reports, the Côr offers customized tips and tricks that can help homeowners make better use of the Côr and save more money.

In fact, the Côr thermostat can help homeowners save 20% on their heating and cooling. Obviously, this savings, simply from changing a thermostat, is significant and a great example of how smart technologies are truly helping homeowners.

How To Use This Information
For a limited time, we are offering customers a free Wi-Fi Côr Thermostat from Carrier when we install a new Carrier furnace or air conditioner. This will help customers with new systems operate even more efficiently and, likely, see significant savings on their energy bill. Plus with Carrier’s Cool Cash promotions, customers can earn up to $1450 in energy saving rebates! Call 303-424-3949.