Play Ball! Rockies are Back!

The smell of fresh-cut grass. The sound of the crack of the bat. The dramatic dive to snare a line drive. Hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks. And, it gets hot, so your Denver HVAC companies are busy!

Yes, it is that time again when hope springs eternal and we in Colorado turn our attention to the boys in purple pinstripes on the corner of 20th and Blake Street. The Rockies are back in action!

So, how does the 2015 version of the Rockies look? Well, not much has changed from last year’s roster as there were few off-season moves. The Rockies are simply hoping their team can stay healthy. If they can, they may have an opportunity to be competitive. They may not win the National League West, but hopefully they can stay above the .500 mark for most the season, which would be a great improvement over last year’s team.

Obviously, if the Rockies are going to have a chance of contending, it is going to start with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales. They simply have to stay healthy unlike last year when they only played a combined 161 games. When they are together in the line-up, there are no better 3 and 4 hitter combinations in baseball.

Third baseman, Nolan Arenado, is a Major League star in the making. Coming off of back-to-back gold-glove seasons at the hot corner, there is no doubt he can field. He already has a highlight reel that would make most third basemen green with envy. Arenado also has the makings of a great hitter. He has great power to all fields and showed last year he can hit for a strong average. This year, it would be no surprise to see Arenado, if he remains off the DL, smash 25 to 30 home runs and hit a solid .280 batting average. That would be great for the number 5 hitter behind Tulo and CarGo!

However, last year’s problems for the Rockies cannot solely be attributed to injuries to Tulo and CarGo. The entire team was decimated by injuries. There were few on the team who managed to stay of the disabled list, and unfortunately their starting pitching was plagued with injuries. As a result, the Rockies finished last in almost every pitching category: ERA, walks allowed, strikeouts, etc. The only bright spot was Jorge De La Rosa who managed to pitch great, even in Coors Field where he has 20 wins and only 3 losses in the past two seasons. From a pitching perspective, though, not much has changed to improve their staff. They added Kyle Kendrick, but he has a reputation of getting hit hard, which is not good in a place like Coors Field. Pitching prospects like Tyler Matzek and Jon Gray are waiting in the wings and they potentially have strong upsides. However, those guys will likely spend most of 2015 in the minor leagues.

As Rockies fans we should be prepared for the Rockies to give up a lot of runs. But, as always, we can expect some exciting offense and hitting. We are optimistic that they will do better than their 66-96 record from 2014.

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What is your 2015 prediction for the Rockies?

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