Office Productivity Tips

When it comes to commercial buildings and offices, it is important to keep office workers comfortable and productive. New concepts in office comfort are always emerging. Here are some of the top new office trends when it comes to improving productivity. Plus, many of these office productivity tips and boosters can help improve overall employee health, lower absenteeism as well as raise employee retention rates.

Background Music

Depending on tasks, having background music in the office can help boost worker productivity. This is especially true when it comes to administrative or repetitive tasks. However, music can be a double-edged sword, too. For tasks such as research and writing, music can be a distraction. However, enabling music in the office environment can be great for office morale. Sonos speakers, for example, allow you set up zones in the office and allow people, through the Sonos app, to control the music. And, if need be, zones can be turned off in areas if employees feel it is too distracting.

Indoor Air Quality

Just like at home, employees need clean air. Let’s face it, workers spend a lot of hours at work and in some cases, most of the waking day. As such, they do not need to be breathing in building pollutants. So, buildings need to be properly ventilated and have proper air conditioning systems to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds that can get trapped inside. Taking proper measures to improve indoor air can increase productivity between 8–11% according to a 2014 study by the World Green Building Council.


Lighting is also a crucial element when it comes to boosting worker productivity. Natural lighting has been linked to a 15 percent increase in productivity. By finding ways to reduce the level of artificial light as well as increase natural lighting, employees experience better eye comfort, mental alertness and overall well-being. When artificial lighting is needed, studies have shown that LED lighting is the best alternative to conventional lighting due to its broader color spectrum.

Office Layout

The layout of workspaces is another important factor when it comes to productivity. If cubicles, for example, are too close together or crammed, workers can find it hard to concentrate. Too many distractions and noises in the work area can make it hard to focus and can create low levels of productivity. Therefore, having separate social spaces and break rooms is important to good flow in the office.


Biophilia is big topic nowadays. At its source, it is the common notion that humans are instinctively connected to nature and need to maintain this connection to be happy and healthy. A lack of natural elements in the work environment can negatively impact workers’ productivity and overall morale. Adding plants, water features and other natural elements (or simply positioning desks toward the windows) are great way to promote biophilia in the workspace.

How to Use This Information

Major can help you boost your office’s productivity in the area of indoor air quality. Our team of commercial comfort specialists can customize solutions to meet your building needs to improve your air system as well as help reduce your energy consumption. With solutions ranging from commercial heating and air conditioning to renewable geothermal solutions, we can help. Call 303-424-1622 to learn more or schedule online for our free systems evaluation.

What are some of your tricks for boosting productivity in the office?

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