Major Team Leading Way at ProGreen Expo

We are very excited to that our very own Joel Poppert was involved in the ProGreen EXPO 2015. Joel was a key presenter at the three day conference at the Colorado Convention Center representing Major’s expertise when it comes to the benefits of geothermal systems.Major at ProGreen Expo speaking to Geothermal

The ProGreen EXPO is the only Green Industry conference in the Rocky Mountain region. The conference ran from January 14th through January 16th and drew more than 4,500 green industry professionals. During the conference, industry professionals gained vital knowledge and skills to improve business, educate employees and learn about the latest green trends.

Joel, as the former President of the Colorado Geo Energy and Heat Pump Association with over ten years in the renewable energy, was a key draw for others in the Green industry. Joel’s presentation specifically spoke to benefits of Geothermal. With greenhouses gaining significant benefits from thermal renewable energy systems due to their unique thermal energy loads, Joel showcased how geothermal and/or solar thermal systems can lower energy costs and hedge against volatile fossil fuel costs. During the session, Joel presented case studies, described geothermal systems and discussed financing and incentives.

The presentation drew over 75 attendees that ranged from green house operators to larger commercial property operations. The audience was motivated given the rise in cost on heating which is a big financial burden. Green house operators in rural areas, in particular, use propane to heat their facilities. Unfortunately, propane has experience a dramatic price increase. Therefore, geothermal heating is an attractive alternative and aligns. In fact, another panel member who presented with Joel specifically addressed the financial aid programs that are available in the rural and agricultural markets.

The larger commercial facility operators were also enthusiastic about the presentation. Many walked away from the presentation seeing geothermal as a sound, and green, investment.

How To Use This Information

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