HVAC Denver Specialists Launch Make IT Major Committee

As HVAC Denver specialists that strive to amaze our customers, we also try to do the same inside of our own walls with our team. As a family owned business, we know that our success over the past 40 years, is in large part, to our team of comfort specialists.

A couple weeks ago, we had one of our all team convergence meetings. Apart from just getting together and having breakfast, we introduced creating an employee-led cultural committee called the “Make IT Major” committee. We were amazed at the enthusiastic response to the committee and all the people who volunteered to be a part of it!

The committee will provide our team members better opportunities to step up and lead, as well as create a culture in which they want to work. The committee will provide team members with a voice and the ability to better share their thoughts and ideas. Of course, they will also plan and create company celebrations, social events and team member recognition! In fact, they are already at work planning our holiday party!

The Make IT Major committee is a critical undertaking as it goes to the heart of our people on the team. It is about doing right by them so that they can do right by you, our customers. They are helping create a culture of caring and happy people working together to achieve great things! Plus, having some fun along the way.

How To Use This Information

Even as HVAC Denver specialist, our underlying culture at Major is always doing the job right, whether it is replacing a furnace system or conducting maintenance and repair. If you are need of any heating and air conditioning needs or would like a free systems evaluation, schedule online or call 303-424-1622. Also, ask us about the Make IT Major committee and what we are up to. And, perhaps you will see us out at different community events thanks to our committee volunteers.

Does your company have an employee-led cultural committee? If so, what sort of events and activities do they plan?

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