Being Happy in the New Year

We know that the euphoria of the Holidays is now in the past. Some of those New Year’s resolutions you were so optimistic about are now a burden. This is all normal this time of the year. So, how do you ensure you stay happy all year long and be a happier you?

If you talk to most people, you will find some common answers:

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Socialize with friends
  3. Find a hobby
  4. Exercise
  5. Volunteer and give back to others

These are all great ways to stay happy throughout the year. We do not want to discount any of those as most experts, such as life coaches and therapists, agree on them. We are especially fond of getting more sleep!

Recently, we found another, simple, approach to staying happy from Nataly Kogan. According to her, there is one absolute thing you can do that will make you happier and is likely a resolution you can keep: Add more joy.

So, what does this mean and how do you apply this?

If you are trying to lose weight, eat more foods that bring you joy. While some sweets may taste great, eating them can make you feel guilty. So, find foods that make you feel great when you eat them. Most times, those food you feel good about eating will be healthy for you as well.

Savor something small every day. This could be simply savoring the coffee you are drinking, but do so without multi-tasking. If you like music, find time in your day to just put on the headphones and get engrossed in a song. Go for a short walk to get away and clear your head.

Another tip from Nataly is to get rid of things that don’t bring you joy. This is great for removing clutter around the home and involves the simple principle of asking yourself if items bring you joy. If they don’t, get rid of them. You may find others who will find joy with those items so you can give those things to them. You can all donate those items to organizations in need.

Our favorite tip is make one person smile every day. When you focus on others and making them happy, it actually has the benefit of making you happy as well. Say thank you and mean it to people. Tell friends why you appreciate them. Tell a joke. These can be little things that often we take for granted, but can be easy to implement and make a big difference in making you happy.

How To Use This Information

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What are ways you stay happy over the year?