Great Value Wines for Winter

Good Value Wines: Great quality

The world of wine can be very intimidating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The overall quality of wine is very high and you can find some outstanding wines without breaking the bank. The fact is there is no better time to try different wines. So, pick up a few different bottles, figure out what you like and just drink it. As we enter the winter months, your Denver HVAC company at Major have put together a list of our favorite wines that are perfectly suited for wintery weather.

Sebastiani Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

The market for cabernet sauvignon is big and prices for Napa Valley cabs continue to soar. But, there are a lot of great cabernets out there, including those from Napa’s neighboring valley in Sonoma. Sebastiani is a great cabernet at a great value of about $15 a bottle. It consistently earns high critical praise. Sebastiani is one of the original Sonoma wineries and has an impeccable reputation for making great wines for everyone. This wine is smooth and supple, with aromas of black cherry and cranberry. The taste is bold with black cherry followed by layers of dark cherry cranberry. The finish is lengthy with cola berry and vanilla due to oak barrel aging. This is a medium-bodied cabernet that is smoother than many others, which makes it an all-around crowd pleaser.

Tikal Patriota 2012

From the Mendoza region of Argentina, this malbec blended with bonarda is a great value at less than $20. This wine was named in the Wine Spectator’s top 100 wines of 2014. The Tikal provides a good introduction for those who have not tried Argentinian wines. Malbec is the main grape in Argentina and it can be big. However, by blending it with the bonarda grape, the Tikal is a little smoother and balanced. But, this is still a big and bold wine that is sure to warm you to the toes on a cold winter’s night. When it comes to food, the Tikal, like most malbecs, is great for grilled meats and smoked ham as well as meat-piled pizza. While big, it is very balanced with layers of raspberry, cherry and cocoa flayers and hints of baking spice in the finish. The Tikal is very fun to drink, but due to its recent critical acclaim it can be hard to find. But, when it is on the shelves, be sure to grab a of couple bottles.

Chateau St. Jean Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2012

Chateau St. Jean winery in Sonoma has a reputation for creating high-quality wines. From their cabernets to their chardonnays, you will always find something that is of high quality and value. Pinot noir is reaching incredible heights today, and as a result, the prices have been going up. But, for value and overall consistency of pinot, it is hard to beat wines from the Sonoma region and Chateau St. Jean’s Sonoma Coast offering at about $16 a bottle is a great value. The pinot noir grape is one of the most temperamental for growers, but in the cooler coastal regions the grape thrives. This coastal offering is a little bigger than Chateau St. Jean’s traditional California pinot noir version (which is still fantastic), with aromas of red cherry, raspberry and Earl Grey tea notes. The palette on this wine provides generous red fruit with touches of allspice and cinnamon – making it a great sipping winter wine! Medium-bodied, like most pinot noirs, make it great with or without food. But, it does pair nicely with smoked turkey, pork and ham.

Other Suggestions

There really is a bounty of great wine out there that is of good value. If you want really big fruity wines with a little pepper spice, which are great when it is cold, zinfandels are a great choice. Our favorite zinfandel is Seven Deadly Zins from Lodi which is easily found for less than $15. If you are looking for something smooth and fruity, Tres Picos Garnacha from Spain is also highly recommended and can be found for about $15 a bottle. Australia continues to make great wines, including shiraz (aka syrah) and cabernet, and they are typically cheaper than California wines. Just allow yourself to be a little adventurous and take advantage of the bounty that is on the market.

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