Fun Summer Drink Recipes

Hello summer! Now…what to drink?

Even though in Denver we live at the epicenter of the craft beer world, sometimes enjoying a cold and refreshing summer drink must be something other than New Belgium’s Skinny Dip. Although there is nothing wrong with beer or wine, it’s also fun to explore the summer mixologist that is in all of us and make summer drinks. So, we have put together some of our favorite fun summer drink recipes for both adults and kids (i.e. non-alcoholic) for you to try.

Adult Sangria

Sangria is a staple in Spain, but it’s also perfectly suitable for Colorado. Even Dr. Oz will tell you it is packed with nutritional value as the fresh fruit gives you vitamin C. Plus, it is low in sugar because it doesn’t use simple syrup.

To make:

  • In a large pitcher, pour one bottle of good dry red wine (i.e. red burgundy), one cup of orange juice, 1 ½ cups of rum and 1 /2 cup of white sugar.
  • Stir with ice and refrigerate for a couple of hours to cool and let the flavors mix.
  • Then, slice up some apples and pears and add them to the pitcher. Serve.

Kid Sangria

  • Use red fruit punch instead of wine and rum.
  • Mix with a little 7UP, add the fresh fruit and let kids enjoy their non-alcoholic version of Spanish sangria.

Pineapple Rummy

This one will have you dreaming of a tropical island in no time. This goes very well with any Bob Marley song and is very simple to make.

  • To do so, partially fill a glass with sparkling cider and ice. Add a shot of dark rum and some pineapple chunks. Umbrella is optional.

Kid Friendly Alternative of the Pineapple Rummy

You can create this for the kids as well by just using sparkling cider, ice and pineapple.

  • To substitute the dark rum, you can use ginger ale and vanilla, which will help add a little extra zing without the alcohol.


Pretty much everyone likes a good margarita, yet few really know how to make them without the help of the liquor store premade mixer. However, a good margarita is surprisingly simple to make.

  • Mix 3 ounces of tequila, 2 ounces of lime juice, and 1 ounce of simple syrup and ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain it into a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice.
  • To make the simple syrup, dissolve 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water in a saucepan over low heat and let cool.

Just for the Kids – The Concord Cow

This one is for the kids, but your inner child should try one too.

  • Put vanilla ice cream into a glass. Then mix equal parts grape juice and 7UP (or Sprite) and pour over the ice cream.

How to Use This Information

We hope that these recipes will be part of your summer celebrations as well as help you battle the summer heat! However, if you find that you are still hot, it could be an issue with your air conditioning system. Let one of our Comfort Specialist take a look and find a solution customized to your needs. Schedule a free system evaluation online or call 303-424-1622.

How do you make your favorite summer mixed drink?

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