Denver HVAC Team Presents 2014 Best Home Tech

As a Denver HVAC company, we are always looking out for the latest home technology. We keep an eye out for them even if they are not related to heating and air conditioning. They are just some cool things that, hopefully, can add some comfort to your home. And with the Holidays fast approaching, perhaps these new 2014 home smart devices can help inspire some great gifts for you or for your technology loving friends and family.

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion

This is a great home automation entry point as it starts at $79.99. This allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere. All you do is plug in whatever you want controlled, be it a lamp, coffee maker, you name it. Then you can turn on and off whatever device you plugged in from your mobile phone. This is as plug and play as it gets and good for those people who want to avoid complicated home automation set-up and may only want to control a limited number of devices.


The SmartThings hub is compatible with a wide variety of products and takes full advantage of home automation’s potential. The central component is the SmartThings hub that connects to your internet router. You then download the SmartThings app on your iOS or Andriod device that allows you to control and monitor any number of things in your home. SmartThings is compatible with other systems such as Phillips Hue bulbs, Belkin WebNo Switch and Honeywell thermostats. These devices and more can communicate to the SmartThings hub, allowing you consolidated control of multiple systems. You can also buy additional SmartThings sensors for various devices in your home and they connect automatically to the SmartThings hub.

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt

Smart locks are an emerging security trend with more and more options now on the market. While others have Bluetooth compatibility, the Yale smart lock integrates well into many different home automation systems. Plus, it can speak to you in a variety of languages, making set up much easier.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

For all you cooks out there, here is a device for you! After all, comfort is slow cooked, right? Belkin’s crock-pot is the first smartphone controlled slow cooker. You can adjust settings from anywhere at anytime. For example, you put something in the crock-pot to slow cook and you go out to run some errands or see a movie. Then, you realize that you are going to be late (gggrrrr Holiday mall traffic) and you do not want that pot roast getting too overdone. Well, just pull out your phone and turn down the temperature to slow down the cooking.

How To Use This Information

Here at Major, we always want to ensure you are comfortable and sometimes comfort can be enhanced in some home automation devices. We are Denver HVAC specialists and we do provide home automated comfort solutions. We can also maintain and repair your Denver heating and air conditioning systems, including broiler repair. For a free systems evaluation, schedule online or call 303-424-1622.

What is your favorite home technology that you have discovered in the past year?

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