Denver HVAC Specials with Winter Thermostat Tips

As Denver HVAC specialists, we know how frustrating it can be to program your thermostat during the winter months. In Colorado, winter months can be a roller coaster for your heating system. While it can be cold outside during the day, the sunlight through west facing windows in the afternoon can create heating in your home. Then in the night hours you are left dealing with a cold plunge sending your furnace into overdrive. And, as we know from this current year, we had days in December that required the air conditioner! So, you never know what sort of mixed back Mother Nature is going to serve up.

With all these ups and downs in temperature that we experience, what is the best way to program your thermostat? Below are some tips when it comes to programming your thermostat that can help keep your residence comfortable throughout the Colorado winter, and help you save on your heating bill.

Awake and Away

Most thermostats allow you to program them for a certain temperature while you are awake versus when you are away. Typically, if you are awake and in the home, setting your system for 68 degrees is comfortable. Then, during the times you are away or asleep, you can lower the temperature. In fact, lowering the temperature setting 10 degrees for eight hours of the day can save you 5 to 15 percent a year on your heating bill.

Take Advantage of Daylight

In Denver, we get 300 days of sun a year. So, take advantage of it. During the winter months, especially in the colder upstairs rooms, open the shades and let sunlight in. The natural sunlight, especially coming through south and west facing windows, will help make those rooms warmer.

Home Automation

Newer systems are now controlled through home automation. The Nest Learning Thermostat, for example, programs itself and helps you save energy while away from your home. Plus, with many home automation systems, you can control them from virtually anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. As you adjust the temperature, in your home, thermostats like the Nest learn your unique comfort settings as well as your habits of when you sleep or go to work so it can help you save.

How to Use This Information

There are plenty of ways to set your thermostat for winter and much of it is your preference. But setting it around your schedule and taking advantage of natural sunlight can help you save money. Adding automation can help you maintain a more comfortable and stable environment, too. Part of that is ensuring your systems are operating efficiently. We can help heating & cooling maintenance as well as furnace replacement. Our Comfort Specialists will take time to get to know you and recommend the right systems and the right thermostat settings to ensure your comfort through the winter as well as the summer months. Call 303-424-1622 or schedule online  for a free systems evaluation.

What thermostat programming trick do you use to keep your home comfortable in the winter?

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