HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Major offers our Facility Comfort Assurance Program that adhere to the principals of our organization; we believe in doing things right, providing exceptional customer service, introducing cost effective solutions, and improving the quality of life at your facility. We believe that building relationships built off trust is the most important attribute of any successful organization!

We are one of the only contractors in Colorado with the combined experience and expertise with the capabilities to provide quality maintenance for any type of commercial HVAC system including, all brands of rooftops, chillers, hot water & steam boilers, geothermal, compressors, air-handler, cooling towers, pumps, variable speed drives, and controls.

At Major we take the time to listen to all our clients, and each of our HVAC preventative maintenance agreements is tailored to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility. We build a program that includes both preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running in peak condition and predictive maintenance services to identify potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.

Major’s Facility Comfort Assurance Program will help you:MethodistChurch - Climate Master

  • Maintain the efficiency and reliability of all your equipment
  • Minimize downtime, repair bills, and loss of use
  • Plan for the future as assets expire or become too inefficient

Facility Comfort Assurance Program options include:

  • Inspection and reports
  • Inspection with seasonal adjustments and preventive maintenance
  • Full maintenance, including preventive maintenance plus service calls
  • Predictive maintenance and strategic planning
  • Maintenance of chiller, hot water & steam boilers, cooling towers, geothermal, compressors, air handlers, rooftop units, airside distribution equipment, and controls
  • HVAC Forensics

At Major we believe in doing things right and we are the only Commercial HVAC Specialists with the Major Service System ™. We believe in doing things right and maintaining long term relationships with our clients and this can only be accomplished through transparent communication, education, and full collaboration with our clients. So call us today and experience a new level of service from your HVAC partner!

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