Cool Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

While Denver does not get terribly hot in the summer, we still enjoy summer average highs in the mid-80s. And, we do have many days in the summer where we push well into the 90s and the occasional 100 is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Obviously, a great way to beat the heat is to ensure your air conditioner is ready to go. But, there are several ways, beyond just running the A/C to help you feel cooler and more comfortable in your home.

Keep It Shut!

A lot of homes in Colorado have fireplaces and many people forget to close the damper in the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. When the air outside is hotter than the indoor air, an open damper pulls hot air into your home instead of sucking it out. This is called flow reversal. And, while it may seem comforting to open windows when it is hot, you need to pick your times to do so. Keep your windows and doors shut if the outside temperature is hotter than 77 degrees Fahrenheit (as most people start to sweat at 78 degrees). Your home can get even hotter when you have windows and doors open when the air outside your home is warmer than the air inside.

Fan at Night

If the hot air is trapped in your home, try ventilating and opening the windows at night when the outside temperature is below 77 degrees. Fortunately, our evening summer temperatures in Colorado do get down into the 60s and 50s. To help pull hot air out, place a fan with the blades facing out in (or near) an open window. The fan will then pull the hot air from the room and push it out the window, resulting in cooling.

Go Spritz Yourself

Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator and when you get hot, give yourself a squirt. Then, as the water evaporates, it will cool you. To cool yourself quickly, spray your wrists. Believe it or not, your wrists have a lot of surface blood flow through the veins and will quickly create a full body cooling sensation.

Skip the Drying Cycle

Many of our modern day dishwashers have a drying cycle that heat your dishes to quickly evaporate the water, but that heat and moisture is usually vented directly into your kitchen. This can significantly increase the temperature in that area, not to mention the humidity. Most dishwashers have the option to turn off heated drying. This just means you will have to let your dishes air dry or wipe them down before putting them away.

Give the Oven a Break

It is summer vacation, so your oven should get a vacation too. Cooking inside can add heat to your home. So, use the summer to embrace outdoor cooking and the fun of grilling.

Embrace Nano-Tex

Clothing today is very high tech and not limited to just athletes. New clothing technology like Nano-Tex and Coolmax are widely available (and even fashionable in Colorado). They are designed to move sweat away from the skin and then evaporate, which then keeps you cool. Looser clothes, too, will help keep the air flowing next to your skin and helps with evaporation. Light colored cotton is OK, as long as it is not too heavy and tight.

Kick Your Shoes Off

Shoes and socks like to trap heat. So, when at home, lose them! As the sweat on your feet evaporates, it will cool the skin and the blood in your feet. That cooled blood is then whisked to other parts of your body to help cool you down.

Spice It Up

This one is for all you foodies out there. As people from hot climates like India or Mexico will tell you, to cool down, you have to heat it up. So, they eat hot and spicy food to cool down. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that help you perspire more readily. And, when you perspire, the sweat then evaporates and leaves you feeling a bit cooler.

How to Use This Information

There are many other ways to help keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. But, if you need air conditioner replacement or repair, we are more than happy to help and will have you cooled off and comfortable in little time. Call 303-424-1622 or schedule online for a free systems evaluation.

What are some of your tips to beat the summer heat?

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