Commercial HVAC: Giving your Facility a Brain!

As Commercial HVAC specialists, we are fascinated by smart technology for your facility. Let’s face it, In today’s world technology is moving at the speed of light; it seems like only just yesterday that our first access to the “information super highway,” rocked our worlds and dramatically changed the way we interact with everything! Now we have smart phones, Siri, and Wi-Fi access to everything. Further, we have the “Cloud” a wonderful place that allows us to access, store, collect and share information from any device and literally anywhere in the world. So you are probably asking, “So what does this have to do with my commercial facility or much less my commercial hvac system here in Denver?” It comes down to one of the fastest growing trends in commercial buildings; Building Automation Systems!

For years commercial heating and air conditioning systems have been controlled via wired or pneumatic control systems that lacked the brains that we have today with our building automation capabilities. These older controls systems are limited to very simple sequences of operations, which by no fault of their own are limiting your building from meeting its full potential and maximizing the efficiency of your facility’s systems. So what is the difference? Building automation systems not only allow you to gain more control over your systems, it allows you to make decisions based on real data, thereby optimizing the system to operate in a way that maximizes opportunities. In addition, you can access your facilities systems from a secure interface from anywhere in the World, right from your phone if you’d like! How cool is that?!!

Building Automation Systems are certainly a must for new facilities, but are just as much, if not more of a valuable investment to integrate into your existing commercial HVAC or control system. With the use of Wi-Fi we can literally retro-fit nearly any existing facility, helping reach efficiency levels that you never thought existed!

Lastly, building automation systems are not limited to just your commercial HVAC equipment; our Reliable Control System™ systems can integrate solar electric, geothermal heating & cooling, lighting, water systems, and much, more. Placing all your systems into one control interface, designed by your imagination in collaboration with our expert Controls Specialists.

How to Use This Information

Do you really know how much energy you are wasting or could be saving? Do you know if your building is as comfortable as possible? Do you have sustainability goals that you would like to achieve? Or do you need to understand what your building is doing better? If so, building automation is a no-brainer and Major is one of the most trusted experts in the controls and building automation industry.

Our Controls Specialists are trusted not only by IKEA, but by 100’s of commercial clients all over the United States! If you are interested in how building automation could benefit your facility, please don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment online today or call one of our expert control specialists at 303-424-1622.

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