The Conquest of Sustainability


Sustainability practices are growing In preparation for our presentation at the USGBC Green Schools Summit on November 6, 2015, we continue to remain ecstatic about the future of the sustainability environment, both in Colorado and around the world. Sustainability aspirations were once just that, aspirations, to only be discussed in closed rooms where executives’ dreams died at the desks of many CFOs. It was not the CFOs’ fault, the data was limited and the investments were found to be too risky.... Read More

Stress Free Home Makeover

sSress free home makeover - Major

The holidays are approaching. And, like many of us, you might be welcoming friends and family to your home. So, before that happens, it could be time to declutter and update some things in your home. You don’t need this to overwhelm you, however. So, we at Major (aka your Denver HVAC experts), have four tips for a stress-free home makeover. Moderation Do not try and tackle your entire home in one afternoon. Instead, make a plan. Identify two or... Read More

Quick Furnace Check for Winter

Quick furnace check for winter - Major

October in Colorado is one of the craziest months on the calendar. It is much like April where two seasons wrestle and grapple for control. In this case, fall and winter duke it out. In one day we can go from a 75-degree sunny soccer Saturday to a 35-degree football Sunday with snowflakes falling. So, as you rediscover how to layer your wardrobe, it is also important to ensure the furnace is ready to go. Here are some tips to... Read More

Commercial HVAC Fall Checklist

Commercial HVAC fall checklist - Major

Getting A Commercial HVAC System Ready for Winter Winter is quickly approaching in Colorado. In fact, on average, Denver’s first snowfall typically occurs by October 19. So, if you run a commercial property, now is the time to get your HVAC systems ready to go so your tenants can remain comfortable during the change of seasons. Here is our fall checklist to help ensure your HVAC system is ready for winter. Clean the Equipment All heating systems need to be... Read More

Geothermal Expert Presents at the Pagosa Verde Symposium

Geothermal Expert Presents at the Pagosa Verde Symposium - Major

Geothermal expert on display In August, our very own geothermal expert, Joel Poppert, had the opportunity to speak and be a geothermal heating panel expert at the Pagosa Springs Verde Symposium. The focus of the symposium was on advancing economic development in rural sections of Colorado with renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Since 2012, the annual symposium has brought together some of the top experts in renewable energy, alternative energy and sustainable agricultural practices. Joel has spent more than a decade... Read More

Fall To-Dos For Winter Preparation For Your Home

Tips for winter preperation - Major

Hard to believe, but we are quickly putting summer into our rearview mirror! As we begin to welcome the changing colors of fall and the change of season, it is also a good time in Denver to begin preparing your home for winter to ensure your residential comfort. After all, we typically have beautiful autumns with mild temperatures that make it a nice time to be outside and do those little chores that can make your home even more comfortable... Read More

Things You Can Automate in Your Home

Things you can automate in your home - Major

There is a growing home automation trend for residential comfort systems. With the internet and wi-fi so pervasive, the industry around the Internet of Things (IoT) is booming. While, for some, the idea of home automation seems a little overwhelming, there are many practical areas that can be used today in your home that can not only help you, but also help save money. We have put together a list of some our favorite areas of residential home automation that... Read More

Westminster City Hall Goes Geothermal

Westminster City Hall Goes Geothermal - Major

If you happen to live around Westminster, you may have noticed some recent activity at the City Hall. Well, that is Major’s geothermal experts hard at work installing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Our team’s work will soon pay off when Westminster City Hall begins to harness the renewable energy already available in the ground to heat and cool the building. Plus, the city will save money through a truly green and renewable energy method. However, it will not... Read More

Indoor Environment and Impact on Schools

Temperature and school work performance - Major

It has often been hypothesized that indoor air quality of school environments can impact actual productivity of students, particularly in regards to thermal comfort and air quality. However, until recently there have been few concrete studies on the subject. It goes without saying that if students feel comfortable, they naturally pay better attention and their work performance increases. The same is likely true of office environments. A more recent study published by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory provides more data behind... Read More

Get your Furnace Ready for Winter

Get your furnace ready for winter - Major

It might seem silly to start getting your furnace ready for winter in August. Here at Major, we think it’s important that you have time to get it tuned, tested, and serviced before winter. After all, the cooler months will be here before you know it and you do not want to wait until that first and sudden October freeze to learn your furnace is not working. Go ahead and grab your owner’s manual and get started with these tips. Change the... Read More