Commercial Comfort Trends

Aiming for Net Zero Energy Consumption

The perfect building If you are a commercial building owner, architect, engineer, or general contractor, maybe you have dreamed of what the “perfect building” looks like, feels like, and/or how it operates. At Major Heating & Cooling in Denver, we are specifically interested in how a building operates and by staying true to our mission we continue to keep our eyes on the future. We believe the future operations of a building are leaning toward Net Zero. Every year building energy... Read More

Time to Get Your Commercial Air Conditioning Ready

Believe it or not, cooling season is just around the corner. It is only a few short weeks before Denver patios will light up and our pesky boilers will go into hibernation for the summer. It’s not too soon to get commercial HVAC Denver systems ready as we approach the heat of the summer months. The obvious question is, “Is your commercial facility ready?” Nothing is worse than getting to the office in the morning on the first hot day... Read More

How Geothermal Heating Works for Your Commercial Facility

Steamboat Springs Geothermal Company - Major

Geothermal heating is among some of the most efficient ways to heat your commercial facility, not to mention a key renewable energy source. Commercial buildings typically have a large carbon footprint and heating and cooling those facilities can cost a great deal of money while also draining our natural resources.  As a result, a great number of new commercial properties are built with geothermal heating and cooling systems. Also, we are seeing many older building being remodeled to incorporate more... Read More

Reach for the Dirt with Geothermal Heating

Geothermal Expert Presents at the Pagosa Verde Symposium - Major

At Major we like to “reach for the sky,” but even more so we enjoy “reaching for the dirt!” You are probably asking, what does that mean? Well, at Major we have helped hundreds of commercial, institutional and federal facility owners “reach for the dirt” by designing and procuring geothermal heating and cooling systems that leverage the renewable energy right below our feet to provide superior comfort solutions for their buildings. At Major we understand that comfort for a commercial building... Read More

Commercial HVAC: Giving your Facility a Brain!

As Commercial HVAC specialists, we are fascinated by smart technology for your facility. Let’s face it, In today’s world technology is moving at the speed of light; it seems like only just yesterday that our first access to the “information super highway,” rocked our worlds and dramatically changed the way we interact with everything! Now we have smart phones, Siri, and Wi-Fi access to everything. Further, we have the “Cloud” a wonderful place that allows us to access, store, collect... Read More