Benefits of Building Automation Systems and Building Controls

At Major, our commercial clients often ask us about the benefits of building automation systems (BAS). There are numerous benefits of BAS and utilizing building controls. And, many of those benefits not only directly correlate to energy cost savings, but also help with overall sustainability.

There is no denying that today’s buildings are very complex. And, the majority of that complexity and the vast majority of energy consumption come from heating and air conditioning systems. Building automation systems help control many of the basics such as air flow and help monitor energy use in an efficient manner. Many building automation systems can also integrate other systems such a security, lighting to help better deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

Immediate Benefits of Building Automation Systems

Utility CostsStudy after study on BAS indicate that facilities can save anywhere from 15 to 30 percent on their energy costs by implementing building controls and BAS. In fact, we just attended and helped sponsor the USGBC Green Schools Summit. At the summit, it was reported that schools are wasting 20 percent of their energy due to poor building controls. That money could be used better elsewhere to increase teachers, educational materials and more!

Maintains Comfort – The automated controls help maintain even temperatures within your building. Maintaining a consistent temperature helps cut down on wasted energy and reduces energy costs associated with heating and cooling.

Reduces Maintenance CostsBuilding automation systems and their building controls are designed to make your equipment run less and operate in a more efficient manner when it runs. As a result, the prolonged wear and tear to your equipment is reduced and extends the life of your entire commercial heating and cooling systems.

Simplifies Building OperationsWith real-time graphical interfaces, you can see exactly what is happening with your equipment throughout the building. This reduces the need to have personnel crawl into ceilings or go up on the roof to hunt down and isolate potential problems. You can see where issues are and immediately deploy teams where they need to be to resolve issues.

Great InvestmentMost systems pay for themselves within a couple of years. Plus, they can help increase your facility’s property value as most commercial building value is related to their net operating income. Lowering those utility costs increases net operating income and the dollar value of the property.

There is little doubt that having better building controls with building automation systems can greatly improve your facility. Saving money, reducing energy consumption and helping increase operational efficiency are just some benefits. If you have any questions about the design and build of such systems, we can help. Schedule an appointment online or call 303-424-1622.

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